Skrill and NETELLER Now Offer a New Feature - Sending Crypto 06 Sep

If you have Skrill or NETELLER ewallet, you can send Ethereum and Bitcoin directly to Skrill and Neteller accounts.

Skrill and Neteller made an epic move when they enabled sending Ethereum and Bitcoin to other accounts. So far, sending crypto was not possible with ewallets, so they showed that they are the market leaders in digital wallets.

Sending crypto with Skrill and Neteller is especially handy for poker players, casino players, sportsbook experts who want to move their assets in crypto rather than fiat currencies.

Send Ethereum with Skrill

With Skrill, you can trade 37 cryptocurrencies. For now, Skrill enabled sending crypto to other Skrill accounts only for Ethereum. Fee is 0.50% per transaction.

Send Bitcoin with Neteller

Neteller is offering 37 cryptocurrencies to its clients. If you have a Neteller account, you can also send Bitcoin to other Neteller accounts. Fee is the same at 0.50% per transaction.

NETELLER Skrill Crypto Service

Skrill and Neteller are investing a lot of effort in developing an ultimate ewallet. In August they added 20 new cryptocurrencies to their digital e-wallet and the whole Crypto Service has been upgraded to suit even the most demanding customers.

With Skrill and Neteller, clients can:

  • Buy 37 cryptocurrencies
  • Sell 37 cryptocurrencies
  • Set conditional buy/sell
  • Initiate recurring buy/sell
  • Send Ethereum with Skrill
  • Send Bitcoin with Neteller
  • Crypto price charts and market sentiment.

Buy/Sell Crypto Fees

Crypto Buy / Crypto Sell Fee:
Transactions up to EUR 19.99 EUR 0.99 per transaction
Transactions between EUR 20 – EUR 99.99 EUR 1.99 per transaction
Transactions above EUR 100 1.50 % per transaction