Skrill is back for US customers with its prepaid Visa card 06 Feb

For a long time now, playing online in the United States has been quite a challenge and even though it remains so for now, the Americans are passionate poker players and the potential in the US market remains enormous. For poker players, having a friendly and easy to use deposit and withdrawal methods is of vital importance and yesterday, Skrill announced a new option for the US customers that will definitely have a huge impact on the market.

Lorenzo Pellegrino, CEO of Skrill, Neteller and Income Access has announced yesterday that all US customers will be able to apply for a prepaid Visa card. That is simply a huge deal for the market!

How will this news impact the market?

The United States being one of the richest countries in the world, it is quite clear that they present an attractive market for online poker providers, especially given their poker tradition and the general popularity of poker there.
Even though online poker is not strictly illegal in the United States (with the exception of a few states), it is also not legal, which deters most online poker providers from offering games to the US customers (there are some poker rooms offering games though).
With this coming in effect, all the US Skrill customers will have a chance to apply for a prepaid Visa Card. They can send the request directly from their accounts (either new or existing) and the card will be issued in a maximum of ten days after being approved.
The US customers will now have the option to use their Skrill balance and make purchases in all merchants that accept Visa cards, from supermarkets to online purchases. There will be no additional fee for purchases using the card in stores or online. Skrill also stated they will charge no additional fees for ATM withdrawals, but you can most likely expect some additional fees from the banks.
The Skrill Prepaid Visa card will be issued by the Community Federal Savings Bank (CFSB), a company based in New York, that is accepted globally with Visa support.

Prepaid Skrill Visa Card

Skrill Prepaid cards have been around in the European Union for a long time (actually, before many regulations came in effect, these prepaid cards were available all around the world), so most customers know the basic information regarding prepaid cards. The main new feature now is the possibility of requesting it with a Skrill USA account.
The process of obtaining Skrill Visa card for US customers will be simple:

  1. Open a Skrill account if you don’t have one; you can sign up with us for additional benefits;
  2. Apply for a Prepaid Visa Card;
  3. Get funds on your Skrill account; either by depositing or , for example, with a rakeback payment;
  4. Transfer funds from your main Skrill account to your Visa card;
  5. Spend directly or withdraw on an ATM

The benefits of Prepaid Skrill Visa Card

You will have an easy time withdrawing funds from a poker site with the Visa card. Once you receive the funds on your Skrill account, you only need to transfer it to your card and spend it as with any other standard debit card.
With the Prepaid Skrill Visa Card, you will be able to withdraw and deposit easily. Our players will also have the option to receive their rakeback payments directly to their Skrill accounts.
The great thing about Prepaid Skrill Visa Card is also, that you will be able to use it while traveling around the world! It is accepted at almost any site that accepts card payments.