Tana Delle Tigri Main Event in Nova Gorica Ends With a 4-way Deal 08 Mar

Tournament series Tana Delle Tigri, which took place over the weekend in Casino Perla, Slovenia, has come to a close. The main event with a €400 buy-in ended with an agreement between the top four players. PokerPro.cc player Mitja Rudolf finished the tournament in 8th place.
191 players signed up for this main tournament, which may seem like a small number, but unlike other tournaments, this one was played in a freezeout format, which means that each player could only pay the buy-in once. Overall, the tournament boasted an excellent structure, which was also confirmed by many players.

The prize for the winner was set at €15,000, and the last four survivors agreed that the two players with the highest number of chips would take €11,000 and the remaining two €8,000. The official winner was Giorgio Silvestrin, as he had the largest number of chips in front of him at the time of the deal. The Italian has once again proven to be a great live poker player, having already earned more than €170,000 on HendonMob.
Before the start of the final table, Mitja Rudolf was in a good position to bring victory to Slovenian poker after a long time, but despite his excellent game, this time the cards were not in his favor. We waited over 3 hours to lose the first player of the final table when Nevis Alvisi lost with KK against AQ.

Most of the time, Mitja could only throw cards away, as he didn't get the right starting hands or a good spot, and the rest of the stacks around him grew. As he himself said, he had his hands tied and could only wait. The turning point happened when the player in front of him pushed his stack to the middle and this time Mitja had no choice and with 99 he also put his stack in the middle. Unfortunately, the opponent had few pocket aces and left our player with only two blinds. That luck really wasn't on his side this time was also shown by the next hand, when he lost to 83o with AT and dropped out in 8th place for a €2,700 prize.

'The tournament was great, we can say that the structure was one of the best of the year, and the freezeout format made the game much more legitimate. Plans for the future are to improve the details in my game and to continue to enjoy what I do, because only this brings success', said Mitja after the three-day tournament and has already announced that he will return to Nova Gorica soon. Most likely in 2 weeks, when the 3rd stage of the ISOP series is scheduled.

Final Table of Tana Delle Tigri Main Event

  1. Giorgio Silvestrin – €11,000
  2. Pasquale Dellisanti – €11,000
  3. Simone Melonu – €8,000
  4. Andrea Sirigiu – €8,000
  5. Christian Guida – €4,800
  6. Luca Rasi – €4,000
  7. Alessandro Riviello – €3,300
  8. Mitja Rudolf – €2,750
  9. Nevis Alvisi – €2,250

The organizers of the TANA DELLE TIGRI have also announced the dates for the next event, which will also take place in Perla. A special edition of the tournaments, then also with a huge guaranteed prize ppol, returns on September 21, 2022.
We look forward to seeing you at the TANA delle TIGRI tournament - smiles and many players guaranteed!