The Million Dollar Buy-In Hustler Casino Live Lineup is Set 17 Apr

Earlier this year, Hustler Casino Live producer Ryan Feldman announced that HCL would host a $1 million minimum buy-in game. Not much was known at that point yet as everything was still in the air and producers only started toying with the idea of having such a big cash game, but now most of the details have been revealed, including confirmed participants.

HCL will host The Million Dollar Game from May 27-29. Players will need to buy in with at least 1 million dollars, and the blinds will start at $500/$1000 with $1000 BB ante, but many straddles are expected, which will make games even bigger.

There have been about a dozen confirmed players already, but we can already tell you that you won’t find Garret Adelstein on the list.

Garrett Adelstein will be watching the games from home

G-Man has hinted at his possible return at the million-dollar cash game, but a recent fallout with HCL owners has closed that door for now. In his recent interview with Doug Polk, Adelstein also doubled down on being cheated by Robbi, which is not a great look for the biggest HCL winner ever, with $1.5 million in profit in 53 appearances.

The players who will join the tables during the three-day sessions are Eric Persson, who has never shied away from action like that, and it’s the same this time around. For the first time, Rob Yong, former partypoker executive and owner of Dusk Till Dawn casino, will be playing at HCL and will be available all three days.

Can Persson make history again?

The newest WPT Global ambassador, Ethan "Rampage" Yau, will be playing as well, which might surprise some as the popular vlogger was playing low stakes not a long time ago, but according to Feldman, Rampage is going to sell action online. Another one from the business world is Chamath Palihapitiya, a billionaire tech mogul who is regular at high-stakes poker games.

A wild Mikki Mase appears! And it’s not just a Pokémon meme; he is wild, and expect much action from him. With 28 appearances, Ben "Blank Check Ben" Lee is one of the HCL regulars, and he’s also eager to play in The Million Dollar Game. According to a Twitter post, he intends to crush as well.

The first player revealed for the upcoming million game was Stanley Tang, co-founder of DoorDash. We can’t imagine a high stakes cash game without Nik Airball, who is currently busy with a heads-up battle with Matt Berkey. Another player who had no intention of missing such a big game is J.R. He is one of the first names we thought of when imagining a possible lineup back in February.

Nik Airball will be ready

The other three revealed players are Double M, a hedge fund manager who supposedly plays in the underground mixed games in New York. Prince Charles a crypto investor and a fun addition to the lineup. And Brandon Steven, who has featured in two livestreams so far and is up almost $750,000.

Apart from Adelstein, one player that needs to be added is the fan-favorite Alan Keating. We’re not sure why he hasn’t been confirmed yet, but there’s still a month left for HCL owners and Mr. Keating to iron out all the details.

There's no way he doesn't play, right?

The plan of The Million Dollar Game is simple; Have the biggest cash game livestream ever, the most viewed poker livestream ever, and also make history with possibly the largest TV pot ever. The current largest hand ever played was between Patrik Antonius and Eric Persson on the No Gamble, No Future show, where Antonius picked up a pot worth $1,978,000.