The tables have turned in Galfond Challenge 22 Oct

Phil Galfond (Run It Once) already had a nice tangible lead of $201,000 after 5,600 hands in the fourth match of the Galfond Challenge against Chance Kornuth, but the tables have turned rather quickly as Kornuth booked another six-figure win, second one in the heads-up battle after yesterday's $150,000 win.

Founder of ChipLeaderCoaching now leads with $190,000 after about 6,850 hands. There’s still a long way to go though, with more than 28,000 hands left to play.

Phil has another match open against businessman and big poker enthusiast Bill Perkins where he's leading with $90,144.05 after 862 hands, but the two haven’t played a hand since April. At this point it doesn't seem likely that Perkins will play the remaining 49,138 hands anytime soon (or up to $400k loss).

Watch highlights of Match 13 with hole cards down below.

Watch Day 13 Highlights