The Triton Super High Roller Series Will Return in February 18 Dec

Fans of nosebleed poker, and in particular Short Deck, won't have long to wait for the return of the popular series after a two year break. While many poker festivals are cancelling upcoming events due to COVID restrictions, one of the great spectator events is returning early next year. The Triton Super High Roller Series returns after two years. It will set sail for Bali from February 23.

There are 11 events where the minimum buy-in is $30,000 and goes as high as $200,000. It is essentially two nosebleed festivals back-to-back, a No Limit series with a No Limit Main Event, followed by a Short Deck series with a Short Deck Main Event.

While it is the domain of just a select few high rollers, the festivals have been very popular spectacles for poker fans. Once again the series will be live streamed for free on Twitch and Facebook.

Trition Poker Bali 2022 Schedule

Date Event
February 17 $30,000 No Limit Eight Handed
February 18 $60,000 No Limit Six Handed
February 19 $100,000 No Limit Eight Handed
February 20 $40,000 No Limit Turbo
February 21 $200,000 No Limit Main Event
February 23 $40,000 PLO
February 24 $30,000 Short Deck
February 25 $60,000 Short Deck
February 26 $100,000 Short Deck
February 27 $200,000 Short Deck
March 1 $40,000 Short Deck Turbo