Three Poker Players Arrested for Cheating on a Cruise Ship 16 Sep

Spanish police have arrested two Brits and a Frenchman for cheating at poker in the Wonder of the Seas casino. The Spanish Civil Guard was waiting for the trio when the ship docked in Barcelona after staff contacted them following a secret deal.
The three scammers were spotted by staff who observed them always sitting at the same table in the same configuration. The two would sit together while the other would sit at the end of the table distracting the dealer so their partners in crime could trade cards.
Agents of the Fiscal and Border Unit of the Civil Guard of Barcelona took the alleged criminals into custody where they were charged with fraud and 37,000 euros were confiscated as proceeds of crime. The names were not released, but the Civil Guard said one of the perpetrators had a criminal record dating back to 2014 for similar crimes committed in the United States.

Attention is key

Distracting the dealer has always been the key to gaining an unearned advantage in the casino and many have done it successfully. But in this day and age, it's impossible to outsmart the countless surveillance cameras recording everyone's every move in the casino.
Recently, a couple from Mississippi tried cheating at the Rivers Casino in Pennsylvania with some success. One would distract the roulette dealer just as the ball landed on a number on the wheel, and the other would bet unseen. Invisible by the dealer, of course, but not by the camera. The pair are now awaiting trial on charges of fraud, conspiracy and committing fraudulent schemes while playing.