Top Hands of the Week: buttonclickr Gets Stacked in the Biggest HCL Hand Ever 12 Nov

Henri 'buttonclickr' Puustinen, one of the best NL Hold’em players in the world and an end boss at Heads-Up online tables joined the Hustler Casino Live yesterday and was involved in the biggest ever hand in the history of HCL. The pot between him and Nik Airball beat the previous biggest pot by more than $120,000.

It was a crazy show yesterday with 2 royal flushes, 3 million $ at the tables, lots of 6 figure pots, AA dealt to someone in 4 consecutive hands, and another incredible hand…

Everyone loves a chop pot, right? No Gamble, No Future is also putting up a show in Vegas.

Brazilian Luiz Joanello is playing poker for long enough to not get pushed around by some young guns. Just look at him, he has seen everything. What a snap call from the man for his tournament life and he went and won the KSOP Rio Main Event at the end!

It seems that hand is getting worse and worse for Tonkaaa. Or is it?