Top Hands of the Week: Greatest Hero Call of All Time at Triton Poker? 08 Sep

I know what you’re thinking. You think we’re going to post the hand where Patrik Antonius makes an incredible call with bottom pair in a Triton $25k tournament. Well… You are WRONG. If you can believe it, we’ve got an even better one for you.

It’s true that it’s a Triton hand, but this time it’s Viktor Kudinov playing in a hand against Fedor Holz in an Event #2 $30k NLH 6-handed. And Finn's bottom pair seems like a monster hand in this case.

Just to not leave you hanging, in case you haven’t seen Antonius' hand yet, here it is. For less then 24 hours, it was considered one of the greatest calls (if not THE greatest) in High Roller tournaments ever. Ancient history that is. Patrik did take down the tournament later for $825,000.

It’s WCOOP time! Time of excitement and also time for some final table heartbreaks like the one Spraggy had in a $5,200 PKO World Championship. Ouch.

You lose a big hand, you break your computer mouse, you get dealt Aces next hand. Can’t get worse than that. Or can it? Find out how Fintan dealt with this stressful situation.

Of course, it’s not a top hands of the week article without Hustler Casino Live making the cut. You won’t believe this sick cooler between Garrett and Andy.

This is not a poker hand per se, but we think it still deserves a place here. Ace Race from Greg Goes All In and oh boy it looks fun! We can already see this game making rounds on poker social media. Better this than tortilla slap challenge... Yeah, we won't go there.