Top Hands of the Week: Poker Pro Gets Bluffed by an Old Man 04 Nov

Businessman Bill Klein is no stranger to high stakes games, but he is still considered a recreational poker player, so this has to be one of the craziest moves he has ever pulled. And it somehow worked.

That is just not right that Espen uses his World Champ powers like that! Looks like a fun stream, though.

That’s quite a weak hand from someone, who buys in with a MILLION dollars at a cash game table at HCL.

Don’t know how many players would be able to fold pocket Kings in a spot like that, but that’s why we’re watching the show on the TV and not playing it in the PokerGO’s studio.

It’s not so much that hand is good, but the commentators are definitely making it more exciting.

When you take 72 prop bet a little too far…

The Robbi never loses, not even at Asian Poker Tour in South Korea.