Top Hands of the Week: Sickest Hand in Poker History? 27 Aug

We were blessed with a lot of exciting poker action in the last week or so, both live and online. We were able to watch record-breaking EPT Barcelona, Triton Poker is treating us with new uploads, and in recent months Hustler Casino Live created quite a hype among poker fans. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting highlights of the week.

Triton High Stakes cash games are back and in the latest episode we saw the sickest hand in Triton history, or maybe the sickest in entire history of poker. Judge for yourself.

Hustler Casino is livestreaming some amazing games lately, attracting many viewers in front of TV screens (read: computer monitors). Thursday’s line-up already indicated that the games would be interesting, and Eric Persson, Wesley Fei, Jean-Robert Bellande, Mikki, and others didn’t disappoint.

The biggest hand came towards the end of the day from tilted Eric Persson, who already had his chips in the rack (second hand in the video below).

Giuliano Bendinelli won the EPT Main Event in Barcelona for €1,491,133 and the last hand was quite special.

Another hand from Barcelona, this time from Norwegian Kayhan Mokri, who represented at the final table later.

PokerGO released new show called No Gamble, No Future and Eric Persson is again the man in the spotlight. He’s considered as one of the most aggressive poker players at the moment. No surprise there.

The last hand of the week is in form of a picture from the Playground Poker Club, where the Bad Beat Jackpot was hit, rewarding players with $637,955 when two players flopped straight flush and royal flush.

Two months ago even bigger BBJ hit, which was the biggest in the history of Playground for $2,228,425.