Top Hands of the Week: Wiktor Malinowski with Limitless Bag of Tricks 19 Sep

Last week we’ve seen what might have been the greatest hero call of all time and this time around we present to you the greatest bluff of all time. Ok we might have overused the term "greatest" here, but the level of play from top pros this week has been incredible and Wiktor "Limitless" Malinowski certainly didn’t want to be left behind.

Here it is what happens when one of the most aggressive businessmen meets one of the greatest poker minds. You’re gonna have a bad time.

We’ve truly been blessed with excellent content that many poker channels produce lately. For the first time in our Top hand of the Week article we present to you a $200,000 hand from Lodge Poker club.

If we get Phil Ivey at the tables in one of the most anticipated events of this summer, we’re definitely not going to miss the chance to post the big hand he was involved In during the day 1 of the tournament, where the pros and businessmen were still separated in two fields.

There were many interesting moments in the last few Hustler Casino’s Livestream, so of course we only pick best of the best. Right?

Nothing to see here, just Tony G being Tony G. No Russians or bikes involved this time, though.