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You may already be familiar with PokerBROS' handy in-game tagging feature, but in poker it's just as useful to turn a critical eye on your own play. How are your opponents likely to be tagging you? Which games are you reliably crushing and which need some practice (or a bit of run-good)?
Strong poker players are always looking for ways to improve their game and the Career page, with its overview of your playing style and success (overall and for each game type), is a good place to start. There are also tools at every table to keep an eye on your session performance, from Playstyle and Heat Index to Winnings and VPIP.

Clicking on your avatar in the main lobby brings up your Profile, where you can:

  • Edit your nickname
  • Review the last six days of hand histories
  • Remind yourself of tags you've created
  • See an overview of your PokerBros Career

By default, the Career tab shows 'All', but each game can be reviewed separately using the drop-down menu. At the bottom of each page within the Career tab are your total number of games played, total number of hands, ROI and VPIP.

What is ROI?

Return on Investment. This is useful for measuring win rate, in tournaments especially.
ROI is displayed as a percentage, calculated by taking your total winnings, subtracting the total buy-in amount, dividing that figure by the total buy-in amount and then multiplying by 100.

Example: Your total winnings in MTTs (having played 100 tournaments with a buy-in of 1,000 Gold each) equal 134,500 Gold, so your net profit (winnings minus 100,000 Gold total buy-ins) is 34,500 Gold. Your ROI over this sample of tournaments = (34,500/100,000)*100 = 34.5%.

What is VPIP?

This stands for “Voluntarily Put in Pot" and shows the percentage of hands in which players put chips into pots when not forced to (in the blinds). Both calling and raising count towards this, so combining VPIP with players' PFR (preflop raise percentage) is how the “Playstyle" tab assigns icons during sessions. A low VPIP (<14%) is an indicator of tightness, a medium VPIP (between 15% and 25%) will be that of a typical tight-aggressive player, while a high VPIP (50%+) means that no dust is likely to gather on that stack, whatever the situation.

In-Game Info 1: Heat Index and Playstyle

Clicking your avatar while playing at a table brings up a slightly different-looking Profile screen. It contains the emoji library as well as a snapshot of how you're running (and playing) on that table. When you first sit down, your Playstyle shows as "Newbie” because it takes a minimum of ten hands to classify your play. In fact, it takes a lot more for it to be classified reliably; sample size is a key factor in making any set of stats like this meaningful. Just like when tagging opponents, a Playstyle icon that has taken into account hundreds of hands during a session will be a more accurate indicator than one that only has a few to go on.
For example, a new player may sit down at your table. After ten hands, they've raised preflop six times and won all but one hand, sometimes at showdown and sometimes without. That's enough to generate the “Table Hero” Playstyle icon. However, this player then becomes a regular in your game, and usually plays so tight (such a narrow range of hands preflop and so conservatively post-flop) that their Playstyle always shows as “Rock”. What looked like highly aggressive play over a small sample size was really down to a series of very strong starting hands that hit every flop.

In-Game Info 2: Buy-in, Winnings and Current Table VPIP

Clicking the document icon in the top right on any table shows your Profile data for that game: Buy-in, Winnings and Current Table VPIP. Your Current Table VPIP is what is taken into account when assigning your Playstyle icon (along with preflop raise percentage). For a more precise view of your performance on a table than that shown by the Heat Index categories, your buy-in amount and winnings are also visible here. They will only reflect the numbers for that table: if you are playing three tables of No Limit Hold'em at the same time, they'll each only show you the data for that table, not your overall session playing a game type.

As with any game that combines skill and luck, poker results can be swingy. Short term variance can skew results so that it sometimes seems like you never win a flip, for example. Overcoming this is a matter of volume; the more hands you play of a particular game type, the more accurately your overall results will reflect your true likely winrate. Keeping an eye on the stats available in your main lobby Profile's Career tab (and those available in-game) gives an insight, over time, into your own game, and there's no such thing as too much information.

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