Trio of Team PokerBROS Invites You to Join The Action 11 Jun

The PokerBROS mobile app has closed its third sponsorship contact in recent months. This time, 26-year-old video blogger Alexander 'wolfgangpoker' Wolfang became the new ambassador.

Wolfgang will join Cedrric 'poker_traveler' Treviano and Kyle 'Cali_Kidddd' Kitagawa as Sponsored Players as they get back to travelling, playing the game they love and interacting with their fans and followers.

Alexander Wolfgang is better known to his small army of TikTok followers as @wolfgangpoker. From his first taste of poker (winning a flip in a friend’s basement in Chicago) to travelling the cash game circuit and sharing his exploits with his followers, the 26-year-old has made the game a way of life.
PokerBROS provides the platform for Wolfgang and his two BROS to bring them together on the virtual felt: “I like the freedom to play whenever and wherever, with people from different states and countries – PokerBROS gives me the ability to connect with my fans and play with them.”

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