Two Biggest Italian Poker Sites Invite You To Join The Action 25 Nov

The online gambling regulations in Italy created an interesting environment for online poker in the country. The locals can’t play with users from other countries, so there are plenty of rooms exclusive to Italians, but can open an account for you on both sites for you to play. Two largest Italian poker sites are and People’s Poker. If you want to learn more about it, our review is here to help.

The client was developed by PlayTech, and was first used in this room in 2016. The interface is quite simple and will be understandable even for beginners. The main lobby contains windows with the most frequently chosen types of games and tables. iPoker Italy software allows you to change the size of standard bets, set up auto re-buys, view the logins of players at a specific table from the lobby. However, there are no waiting lists in this room.

To quickly find the game or tournament you want, you can use the convenient filters. Save the selected filter configuration so that you don’t have to tweak them every time and you only see the poker formats you prefer to play. You can change the look of the table and choose between three types of decks. Programs for collecting statistics are supported by the poker room directly.


The iPoker Italy poker network unites several poker rooms that share a common pool of players. At its peak in the evening in Italy, attendance reaches 4500 players. All transactions and the game are conducted exclusively in euros.

At the limits from 50 to 100 €, with the rules of no-limit hold’em, there are more than 10 full tables. At the NL200 limit, at peak times, you can find up to 6 tables, and at higher rates (500 – 1K €), on average, 3-4 tables are played. The Italian poker network is characterised by decent traffic at the heads-up tables. HU tables can be found in abundance at every stake.

Pot-Limit Omaha is also popular here. At the limits of 50-500 €, 4-5 tables are played every evening. SNG tournaments collect good traffic. The game is played at limits up to 250 €. Multi-table tournaments are single events, so they won’t be interesting for tournament players.

People's Poker

Peoples Poker Network is the second-largest Italian poker room. It is reserved for Italian players, which are known for their love for poker and are known to be great to play against. Peoples Poker offers great games with decent traffic as they managed to establish themselves as a strong poker provider in the Italian market. Soft games and good traffic are attracting many players from all around the world. Though it is only reserved for Italian residents, there is an option for other players to rent an account and join the play against many recreational players.

The network's primary focus was MTT tournaments but has since shifted its focus towards NLHE and PLO cash games. With a soft player pool and good rakeback deals, Peoples Poker represents a great option for new players!


People’s Poker is an exceptional place if you intend to play micro or low limit games. The levels between €2 and €25 No Limit Hold’em are running all the time. The number of tables on each is about 20-25 during the most active hours at People’s Poker which is in the Italian evenings. The players you’ll face are pretty bad, so you could easily select tables with plenty of fish. Also, the large number means you can multi-table hard and earn a lot of People’s Poker rakeback, even on the lowest levels. The situation is a bit worse when it comes to Pot Limit Omaha, but you can still find plenty of action up the €25 level;

If you’re interested in the somewhat higher limits, People’s Poker certainly won’t disappoint you. The €50 NL Holdem level usually offers more than 10 tables and there are at least 5 on the likes of €100 and €200 NL. The People’s Poker rakeback you could collect is potentially great, if you put the volume. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly the case with PL Omaha. There are only a couple of tables on each limit between €50 and €200. If spread your action across the different blinds, you could still find enough opportunities;

PL Omaha specialist will be disappointed, as there are no tables above €200. If you play NL Hold’em, though, you will be able to enjoy a couple of tables on levels between €400 and €1,000. The level of the opposition is obviously much better here, but it can be compensated with the large amounts of People’s Poker rakeback you could grind.

There are several skins available on Peoples Poker Network, here is just a few of them:

  • NewGioco.itt

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