UK Pro Sam Grafton Wins the Coin Rivet Invitational for $5,500,000 13 Sep

The inaugural Coin Rivet Invitation has ended in hair-raising finale and at the end UK Pro Sam Grafton emerged victorious for a massive money prize of $5.5 million, beating Linus Loeliger heads-up.

45 businesspeople invited 45 professionals who all put $200,000 each at the table and together with 25 re-entries, prize pool rose to $23 million. Out of all VIPs, two businessmen made the final table – French financial trader Karl Chappe-Gatien and Finnish real estate mogul Elias Talvitie, other seven players were full-fledged pros.

Final table starting stacks:

Karl Chappe-Gatien 9.5 million
Linus Loeliger 7.175 million
Seth Davies 4.825 million
Ebony Kenny 3.425 million
Sam Grafton 2.575 million
Tom Vogelsang 2.250 million
Fedor Holz 1.925 million
Elias Talvitie 1.775 million
Aleksejs Ponakovs 1.050 million

And even though VIP players were in a minority at the final table, the star of a show was a recreational player, namely Chappe-Gatien who was steamrolling through the field, even before the final table. "I like to play poker like I do my trading – high on risk and full of gamble," said the Frenchman about his game.

Chappe-Gatien was a chip leader when the final table formed, and it got even bigger as he was responsible for the first elimination. Tom Vogelsang got in good with A4s, but QTs found a queen on the river. His next victim was Seth Davis. First he crippled him in a big pot with J3s making a flush and then finishing the deal in the very next hand with 76s making a straight against KQo.

Next one to go was Elias Talvitie in a businessman vs. businessman deathmatch. Once again Chappe-Gaiten was the winner and Finn had to settle for a million-dollar-and-a-change reward.

Aleksej Ponakovs survived three ladders as a shortstack at the table, so he wasn’t too beat up by his 6th place exit. His executioner was Fedor Holz this time.

One of the main stories of the night was once again Ebony Kenney. She was invited to Northern Cyprus alongside WPN CEO Phil Nagy, and she more then clearly justified the invitation. Few days ago, she became first female player at the final table of Triton event, and here she is again in one of the biggest tournaments of the year.

American pro even had a film crew following her every move and what a story this could’ve been if Chappe-Gatien hadn’t happen. All chips ended in the middle of the table, both players showing a pocket pair and Kenney had Frenchman crushed with pocket Jacks against pocket 9s. But as many times before, 9 hit the table and Ebony’s fairy tale ended with $1.7 million in cash.

4th place finisher was Fedor Holz, who was also ahead of Chappe-Gatien, but since when that stopped the Dubai-based trader? He hit a flush with ATs against German’s AJs.

After that elimination, things started to cool down for him as his momentum stopped in 3-way action. Sam Grafton was the biggest beneficiary in this case, first making a double up and then putting the final nail in the coffin few hands later with AK vs Q2s.

Two massive pots put Grafton in a big lead over Linus Loeliger heads-up with 70 big blinds against 16. The pair went all-in couple of time, and Loeliger was behind twice but took down both. Even when they got all-in for a third time, it looked game over on the flop of A55 with Grafton having A7 and Linus holding K6. But the turn brought a 6 and two river outs for Swiss. Final card of the day was a 9 and Sam Grafton was the Coin Rivet Invitational champion!

"It was so much fun," Grafton said. "Playing against some of the most remarkable entrepreneurs and businesspeople in the world…It was played with a special spirit. On the day the two lanes merged, players were smiling like it was Christmas or their birthday. Everyone had a skip in their steps. Tournament poker is just amazing. Playing this format is very special."

Watch the final day replay here:

Triton Poker Northern Cyprus 2022 Event #6 $200k NLHE Coin Rivet Invitational Final Table Results

Place Name Country Prize
1 Sam Grafton UK $5,500,000
2 Linus Loeliger Switzerland $3,900,000
3 Karl Chappen-Gatien France $2,600,000
4 Fedor Holz Germany $2,100,000
5 Ebony Kenney USA $1,700,000
6 Aleksej Ponakovs Latvia $1,350,000
7 Elias Talvitie Finland $1,050,000
8 Seth Davies USA $770,000
9 Tom Vogelsang Netherlands $620,000