Unibet Poker Introduces New Rat-Holing Restrictions 01 Oct

A new software update at Unibet includes limits to how often a player can leave and re-enter the same cash game with less chips.
Version 3.11 of the Unibet client has just been released with some interesting new features. This includes new table designs and a popup during MTT breaks that show game stats and invites players to quick Hexapro games.
The biggest update, however, is new steps to prevent ratholing in cash games.
Players who rejoin the same table within 30 minutes will, after four attempts, be forced to rejoin the table with the stack they left with. For the first four re-join attempts they will be forced to join with 100 big blinds. Below are the exact measures that will be implemented:

Sat on the exact same table within last 30min Left table with stack in Big Blinds Ratholing counter* value Min buy-in Max buy-in
NO - - 50 Big Blinds 100 Big Blinds
YES <= 50 Big Blinds - 50 Big Blinds 100 Big Blinds
YES 50 Big Blinds < X < 100 Big Blinds - last stack at that table 100 Big Blinds
YES >= 100 Big Blinds 0-4 (incl.) 100 Big Blinds last stack at that table
YES >= 100 Big Blinds 5 or higher last stack at that table last stack at that table

What is ratholing?

Ratholing, also known as 'going south', is the act of leaving the table, taking chips won and then rejoining with a smaller stack. Players do this when they don't want to play with deep stacks and online it tends to be players who have bought in for the minimum. It is considered a breach of etiquette simply because the players who lost the chips will not be able to win them all back.

Unibet is not putting a complete stop to the practice, in part because they do not want players to be forced to play stack depths they do not feel comfortable with. But it does largely make the game less fun for the other players which is why they are mitigating how much a player can do it.
You can see the full release notes for version 3.11 here.

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