UPoker Launches Short Deck Omaha 23 Mar

Club-based poker app UPoker have just leveled up with the release of a new game mode called 6+PLO. The new format combines Omaha and Short Deck into a single game.

The game plays exactly like Omaha, except that deuces to fives are removed from the deck. Just like in Short Deck, a flush beats a full house and and Ace also plays as a low card, so you can make the low straight with A6789.


Currently, 6+PLO is only available in private club games, along with a wide range of other formats, including 6+ Hold’em. Since the deck is reduced to only 36 cards, 6+PLO games can only be played in heads-up, 4-max and 5-max table sizes.

UPoker PokerPro Clubs

PokerPro is currently collaborating with 4 clubs and unions, you can find the list below. We recommend you to contact us for our latest list of clubs in UPoker.

Club Union Club ID Referral ID Chip value
Buba Asia WeLovePoker 91738 438940 USD
Winters Upokerr Israel 97207 571642 ILS
Cream Network Animal kingdom 108224 438940 EUR
Kings Avatar Crown Union 75096 438940 AUD

Joining a club

To join a club you have to click “Join a club” on the main site, enter the ID of club and Referral Id, then click Join.

Please let us know your UPoker nickname and ID after sending request to the club.

Test Account

If you would like to see how the action at the tables looks like, feel free to try it with a test account:

  • username: ribbasmith
  • password: pokerpro77

In the test account, simply click on a club you would like to check and you will be able to see the number of tables, limits, and what action is there in the club itself.

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