Uruguayan Duarte Conquers EPT Barcelona €10,200 Mystery Bounty 23 Aug

EPT Barcelona, which kicked off on August 21, delivered its first major highlight with the €10,200 Mystery Bounty, one of the hottest formats in modern poker. This unique style allows players to net significant cash prizes with a single elimination, and this tournament was no exception with two envelopes holding a whopping €50,000 each and another containing €25,000.

It was Uruguayan Mathias Duarte who came on top, securing a total of €192,000; €104,500 from the main prize pool and additional €87,500 from mystery bounties.

The action started with 56 participants on Day 1, and 30 players bagged for Day 2. Tom Orpaz showcased his skills early on, leading the pack with a commanding 238 big blinds, followed by Daniel Rezaei (166bb), Quan Zhou (146bb), and Kayhan Mokri (112bb). Day 2 saw an additional 23 high-rollers joining the fray through late registration, bringing the total entry count to 79.

As the field dwindled to a final table, Orpaz continued to dominate, holding a considerable lead of 129 big blinds. His closest competition, Conor "1_conor_b_1" Beresford, trailed with 53bb, while Duarte was one of the shortest with 27bb.

Ramon Kropmanns was the first to unveil the biggest €50,000 bounty, only to later exit in 7th place. Duarte then mounted an impressive campaign, capturing large pots from Orpaz and eventually ousting Poker Hall of Famer Erik Seidel in 6th. Orpaz still had fight left, making big plays like a successful 9-high bluff against Beresford and taking out Quan Zhou and Patrick Kennedy.

However, his luck turned when he went all-in against Duarte's ATo with Q9s and found an Ace staring back at him from the flop. This left Duarte to face online poker titan Beresford in the heads-up. The duel was short-lived; a confident river push from Beresford was swiftly called by Duarte, who had the nut straight, sealing his victory.

2023 EPT Barcelona €10,200 Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize Bounties Total Earnings
1 Mathias Duarte Uruguay €104,500 €87,500 €192,000
2 Conor Beresford United Kingdom €67,500 €32,500 €100,000
3 Tom Orpaz Israel €48,200 €95,000 €143,200
4 Patrick Kennedy United Kingdom €37,100 €15,000 €52,100
5 Quan Zhou China €28,500 0 €28,500
6 Erik Seidel United States €22,700 €17,500 €40,200
7 Ramon Kropmanns Brazil €18,100 €72,500 €90,600
8 Ouassini Mansouri France €14,500 €15,000 €29,500