Warrington and Gutiérrez Grab Chip Leader Cash Bonuses on Day 1A of Poker Grand Adventure Panama 24 Feb

Fernando Gutiérrez and Ben Warrington bagged the most chips in the Day 1A of Poker Grand Adventure Main Event here in Panama, thus already pocketing $15,000 and $10,000, which were reserved for the two chip leaders after 1A.

The Colombian will bring 770,000 chips into Day 2, while the Brit will start with 580,000 stack on Saturday. The last hand of the day was played between Jorge Espinoza and Canadian player Jeff Cornier, who pushed all-in with pocket 4s. Espinoza called with pocket tens after thinking for a while, knocking out Cornier to the delight of all short stacks. With 553,000 chips the Venezuelan sits in 3rd place and just narrowly missed the cash prize for Day 1A chip leaders.

This was the first flight out of 6 in the Main Event which brought many poker superstars from all over the world, fighting for their share of a massive $1.2 million prize pool.

Players who qualified for Day 2

Player Country Chipstack
Fernando Gutierrez Colombia 770,000
Ben Warrington Great Britain 580,000
Jorge Espinoza Venezuela 553,000
Uri Scholderle Uruguay 436,000
Kasey Mills USA 426,000
Juan Arango Colombia 386,000
Jacinto Fierro Venezuela 356,000
Nestor Chavez Venezuela 322,000
Gerardo Perez Venezuela 312,000
Francis Cruz Dominican Republic 277,000
Vito Diaz Venezuela 220,000
Kenneth Smaron USA 218,000
David Diaz Argentina 198,000
Daniel Giraldo Colombia 167,000
Darwin Eusse Colombia 162,000
Lachezar Petkov Bulgaria 151,000
Dante Lenell Argentina 139,000
Felipe Espitia Colombia 118,000
Jose Severino Panama 92,000
Mario Del Valle Guatemala 92,000
Patrik Zidesk Czech Republic 90,000
Camilo Cardona Colombia 80,000
Dominik Siegl Czech Republic 69,000
David Garcia Colombia 66,000

Women in poker strong at Poker Grand Adventure events

We’ve seen a strong contingent of female poker players at Poker Grand Adventurue in Sortis casino. Four of them started the Day 1A of Main Event, including Kasey Lyn Mills, Yuri Ishida, Larissa Hauaggem and Pamela Balzano.

While all of them showed their high poker skills, only Kasey Lyn Mills managed to qualify for Day 2 as fifth in chips. The American also finished 4th in the PGAT Opener for $10,000.

Kasey Lyn Mills

Larissa Hauagge

Pamela Balzano

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