We Have Just Witnessed a $7.7 Million Online Cash Game Pot! 16 Feb

Tony G has been known to be involved in some of the biggest pots that were ever played, but nothing can be compared to his last earning, where he broke history as the largest pot in online poker. He won $7.75 milion on CoinPoker last week and it looks like it just simply shattered the previous record.
There was already a record breaking pot last month, but since it was a split pot, many didn't consider it should be known as a record. Well this week another pot went down that makes that one look very small and it didn't end in a split pot.

Tony G and another online player going by the moniker “HannibalGetya” made history on Saturday with the largest online poker pot of all time. They crushed the previous pot record while playing Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) and it happened like this:

When the dust settled, an amazing ₮7,750,652.62 pot went to Tony G. If you are wondering what currency it was played in, it was Tether. Tether is a 'stablecoin' meaning it is backed by another currency, in this case the US dollar. 

The January winning and recent blow-up has put Tony G on the world map in poker. The two winnings have caused a significant blow-up on the crypto space. As a result, bitcoin has been hyped and gained more popularity in recent months.

A Major Win for CoinPoker

CoinPoker has always been a major hit since it allows players to play with USD Tether (USDT). The site also contains a native token, CHP, a feature that gives players extra benefits like increased Rakeback.

CoinPoker gained massive popularity after Friday’s game. It has gained more players ready to risk huge amounts of cryptocurrency.