We Invite You To Curacao Poker For a Cash Game Festival Starting on 6th June 14 May

PokerPro invites you to Curacao Poker Cash Game Festival event from June 06 to June 13, hosted on a tropical paradise of Curacao, where one of the best exclusive cash games on the entire planet will be played.
Poker players, who come from every corner of the planet, eager to play in this great Curacao Poker Cash Game Festival, are the ones who were also part of the Cash Game Festival in Aruba. Now Curacao is the next stop for anyone who loves poker, especially if it comes to playing in a paradisiacal environment of adventure and peace.

- $2/$5
- $5/$10
- $10/$20     

- $2/$5
- $5/$10
- $10/$20     

Curacao Poker Nightlife on the Island

On the Island you will find a large number of bars to have a good time and on the weekends you will find lots of concerts and orchestras.
Every month, Kokomo Beach hosts one of the biggest beach parties on the island!
You can see every detail about the dates here.

Curacao Poker Beaches

Curacao is known for its colorful buildings and houses. It is surrounded by beautiful azure blue seas with many corals and colorful fish. The underwater world of Curacao is beautiful! Here you will find aquatic creatures such as: turtles, lobsters, sponges, lion fish and sea horses. You can see more details about the beaches here.
The love for food in Curacao is real! Whether in a restaurant, in a snack or in a food truck. For the locals, love passes through the stomach. We would like to introduce you to the flavors of Curacao.

Curacao is a small island in the Caribbean that has much more to offer than beautiful beaches. Some even call it Curadise, because it feels like paradise! You can do it all here: from relaxing on the beach to climbing Christoffel Mountain (Curacao's highest mountain). There are many activities that you can do with the local tour guides or just on your own.
A vacation, planned or not, is well received by the family and individually, it will be a little more exciting discovering the adventurous side of Curacao Poker, more accompanied by the Cash Game Festival, it will be an experience worth remembering for a lifetime.

Special hotel prices for Curacao Poker players

We will accompany you from this precise moment in which you decide to be part of the festival, contact us so that you receive the Welcome package:

  • VIP attention 24/7
  • Discount on lodging up to 40% in Hotels and apartments
  • Special prices on transport