What Is New in PokerPro's Selection of Poker Clubs – August 2023 16 Aug

Our selection of clubs in poker apps (PokerBros, PPPoker, ClubGG, X-Poker…) has grown a lot lately, so we took the time and prepared a list of newly added clubs in the last few months for you to join now.
The holiday season is slowly ending, and there was never a better time to jump into one of our clubs in the poker app selection. There is no slowing down the popularity of poker apps, so it's time to experience it for yourself. If you are unsure how to join clubs on one of the available poker apps, you can find more information here, or you can just simply contact our support team and they will happily assist you in finding the most suitable clubs to start playing in.
The complete list of our poker clubs can be found here; below, we will list the recently added ones.


Names of clubs Union Club ID Referral ID
Daring Donkeys The Poker Pit 51933 1380031
Gambit Warriors GPL union 1681741  
FREEZING Ice Cold 1682351 1380031
KANDELA On Fire 1682548 1380031
flopmehappy Private 1661955 1380031
Matrix Club Private 1649050 1380031


Names of clubs Union Club ID Referral ID
Poker Heros Private 3710088 3274498
Indian casino Private 3727323 3274498
Riverland Private 3923567 3274498
No Bots Club Private 3778211 3274498
Xperience.Poker Particular 606751 3274498
Fun Raiser Dorada 2811013 3274498
POPARDAK Family fish pool union 3901384 3274498
Pocket 9 Private 3620830 3274498
ULP Square Square poker union 1586930 3274498
PokerHub AA 3797335 3274498


Names of clubs Union Club ID Referral ID
Cream UTG UTG 603494  
Chubbies Lemon union 113505  
Bull run Olympus 886048  
Mount Bracha   498755 72641722
MR President World Poker 365 502005  
All in fightclub Private 650929 4724-2492


Names of clubs Union Club ID Referral ID
The Futurists MPC Malaysia 892651  
BRIDGE SAMSUNG 1576959 1951502
faze Indo 1545173 1951502
Club 1991 Vietnam 1991 1951502
Small Tiger Small Tiger 1234407 1951502
Renegades Malaysia 1448702 1951502
Otorong ULP X-POKER USD 1617950 1951502

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