What Is New in PokerPro's Selection of Poker Clubs – September 2023 14 Sep

New clubs on poker apps are coming in every month, and it is time to introduce you to all the latest options we added in September 2023.
September is one of the busiest months in online poker, with tons of huge series happening, which means that there are also more cash tables open, and to make things even better, there are a lot of tournament players on them, which makes the games soft. If you are unsure how to join clubs on one of the available poker apps, you can find more information here, or you can simply contact our support team, and they will happily assist you in finding the most suitable clubs to start playing in.
The complete list of our poker clubs can be found here; below, we will list the recently added ones.


131 Daring Donkeys The Poker Pit 51933 1380031
132 Gambit Warriors GPL union 1681741  
133 FREEZING Ice Cold 1682351 1380031
134 KANDELA On Fire 1682548 1380031
135 flopmehappy Private 1661955 1380031
136 Matrix Club Private 1649050 1380031


POPARDAK Family Fish Pool Union 3901384 3274498
Pocket 9 Private 3620830 3274498
ULP Square Square poker union 1586930 3274498
PokerHub AA 3797335 3274498
Pot Re-Pott Private 3906669 3274498


MR President World Poker 365 502005  
All in fight club Private 650929 4724-2492
City Of Gold Private 465007 72641722
WhaleClubGG Private 679450 9041 3845
Tarabin Private 280630 3541-7609
Rocket Private 804773 3398-4084
First class Private 612097 72641722
M0nkey Tilt Monkey tilt 708523 72641722
Chubbies (NEW PLAYER) Lemon union 113505 1242-9978

To check which clubs we added last month, please check the article What Is New in PokerPro's Selection of Poker Clubs – August 2023
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