Where Can You Play PLO6 (6-Card Omaha) in 2023? 14 Jun

Are you one of the many poker players interested in some PLO6 action? PokerPro has got you covered! Keep reading the article to learn about the ever-more popular game and where to find the best poker rooms.

What is PLO6?

PLO6 or 6-card Omaha is a variant of poker in which you are dealt six cards instead of four like in 'normal' Omaha. You still must use only two cards from your hand and three from the board, which is the basic Omaha rule. One of the main things that make the game popular for recreationals is that the starting hand equities run closer than in 4-card or 5-card Omaha games.

You can expect a lot of multi-way pots on the flop and further, and the games tend to be way softer than in 4-card Omaha. The game is relatively new and way less solved than other poker variants.

Here are some interesting facts about PLO6:

  • A low flush in PLO4 is equal to a Q-high flush in PLO6
  • If there is a possibility of a nut straight on board, someone will have it almost every time
  • The best starting hand in PLO6 is AAAQJT - triple suited
  • Value of non-nut flush is way less significant in PLO6
  • Range of 3-bet out of position is much tighter in PLO6 than any other poker game

Where to play PLO6?

If you are looking for the best and softest PLO6 action, PokerBros, ClubGG, PPPoker, Suprema, and other poker apps are the place to be. PLO6 is slowly becoming one of the most played games in clubs and poker apps, and PokerPro has access to the best to find! To get started, contact us, and our support team will happily guide you on setting up your account and playing today!

PLO6 on live events

PokerPro has already organized a few cash game festivals, where players could experience the game of PLO6 on live tables. The highlights were the ones we hosted in the tropical paradise of Curacao, where PLO6 games went up to 50/100$ blinds!

So far, we hosted three events on Curacao, and you can expect more to be announced soon. We made a report of one of these events, which you can read here.

The next event that PokerPro will help organize is the WePlay Summerfest which will occur in Opatija, Croatia, on June 21-26, and there is already a great interest for PLO6 games. Stakes will start at 1/2€, and even up to 50/100 high-stakes tables are expected!

If you are still trying to decide whether you should start playing PLO6 with PokerPro, you must know that we also guarantee the best rakeback offers for our players and other unique promotions. To find out more about what each poker room has to offer, here is a list of reviews we made recently:

We recommend you contact us to get more information about the games and anything else needed for your comfortable play. Games are incredible and very profitable.

How to start playing?

Contact us via one of the following options and you will be playing within minutes. Support team is at your disposal and will be happy to help you!