Where Can You Use Bitcoin Today? 11 Mar

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general are making headlines in poker world for quite a while now. Just recently the biggest hand in poker history was played on CoinPoker worth $7.7 million, famous poker players are turning their winnings in crypto and WPN set a Guinness World Record in Bitcoin payout.

Hype is real among poker players and general public alike as more institutions and individuals invest in Bitcoin and other digital assets.

Online poker sites, poker apps, online merchants and local stores are all seeing the benefits of Bitcoin as well. Dozens of poker sites accept cryptocurrencies as a method of deposit or cashouts and you can pay with Bitcoin at more than 15 thousand venues worldwide.

So, it doesn’t stop with online poker, you can use Bitcoin to pay for almost anything you can imagine, from food and beverages to travel arrangements, gift cards, games, multimedia devices, and supercars.

How to pay with Bitcoin?

Paying with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies is very straightforward, similar to paying with a credit card or other payment method.

To pay with Bitcoin, you need the merchant's Bitcoin address. A cryptocurrency address is a character string or a QR code.

  • Enter the receiver's Bitcoin address
  • Verify the amount of Bitcoin coin
  • Press the SEND button

That's it! This is how easy it is to pay with Bitcoin.

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