Why Should You Try Playing on Pokerrrr 2 in 2023? 01 Mar

Pokerrrr 2 is another one of the popular mobile poker social apps like PPPoker and PokerBros, that has been taking the industry by storm. Just as its competitors do, Pokerrrr 2 hosts play money games across the entire player pool, but there are also private tables and clubs where participants can sit in real money games by agreement between the club owner and members. For more information, keep reading this article.

Pokerrrr 2 Games and traffic

Pokerrrr 2 hosts global poker games where players can bet right after registration and private matches are being played continuously in clubs. There are several formats available:

  • Hold'em (NL and Limit)
  • PLO (4 and 5 card Hi-Lo)
  • R.O.E. (NLH and PLO)
  • Short Deck
  • OFC (regular, progressive)
  • SNG tournaments (Hold'em, PLO)
  • MTT (Hold'em, PLO)

Pokerrrr 2 Real money games

Pokerrrr 2 was designed to play with buddies. "It's a free mobile gaming software application for social card gaming enthusiasts," their official website says.

However, nothing stops you from giving value to the chips and exchanging them outside the platform. This is the same mechanism that has been used for agents at other apps for several years. You must choose a Pokerrrr 2 agent carefully if you want to play real money games and PokerPro always 100% guarantees your funds.

Pokerrrr 2 clubs

If you want to host several tables at once, you can create a club (please note this is different from creating a unique table). With a club, you will be able to host different games, and your friends can join with a code to play hereinafter.

How to set up a Pokerrrr 2 club
Creating a Pokerrrr 2 club is effortless. 

  • Click on the "+" sign under the Club tab.
  • Click on "Create" at the top right part.
  • Enter a name and a description.
  • Choose who will be able to create a game (member - agent - owner).
  • After this, your club will be created, and your friends will join you using the code (you can find it under the club name).

Clubs are probably where you'll be spending most of your time if you decide to download the Pokerrrr 2 app and begin to play. Each club has a club owner, up to five managers, and a varying number of individual members. Clubs can contain multiple games at different stakes, which is their big advantage over just hosting individual tables.
To enter a club, you have to request membership by typing in the club code in the appropriate section of the app. Then the club needs to accept your request which could take a while depending on the responsiveness of the people running the club.

List of Pokerrrr 2 clubs in our offer:

Club Club ID
Lord of spades #taj55
Sharp shooter #tatnp
Micro #zhff5
Filpcity #nuclar
Kgf #upflo
Poker mahal #vjk5v
SMLOLA #9djnp
TRON #9rhzk

Pokerrrr 2 Software review

Pokerrrr 2 is available for iOS and Android (on official stores), but as the app has been designed exclusively for mobile devices, there is no way to play on a desktop PC (Windows or Mac). We didn't try an emulator because the gameplay would cause problems, in our opinion.
The app design resembles all other popular sites, the mainframe where the tables/clubs are shown and buttons in the bottom part to navigate between different options. There is no landscape mode; the app only features a portrait design.

Pokerrrr 2 gameplay tries to emulate a live-poker experience; you will need to peek at your cards to see them, throw chips/cards to the center of the table to bet, or fold, a double-tap the screen to check. Although fun, we consider this inconvenient to grind as it was difficult for us to play. To join a game, you need either the invitation code or choose the desired format in the lobby to get a seat in a public match.
You can only play at one table. There is no way to join simultaneous games at once. You need an active Facebook account to login, and your nickname can be changed two times per month. You can also change your country flag at will.

You can check your game history within the table, but you'll need to buy it with gold coins to get a complete game record. There are no compatible trackers or HUD for Pokerrrr 2.

How to check your winnings and rakeback when playing with us?

We are all about innovations and making life easier for our players, agents, affiliates, and everyone else involved. That’s why we are happy to present to you a state-of-the-art Players and Partners Panel, which will make tracking your earnings, rewards, making cashouts and moving money easy as never before.
If you are a player or a PokerPro partner, you can benefit from using our Panel. Sign Up today and grow your poker earnings with PokerPro.
You can check all the panel’s features in the presentation video below.

Bots, solvers, and any sort of real-time assistance is prohibited.

The Pokerrrr 2 client is very well designed. We found no issues while playing. We expect the development team to add many additional features when it came out of the Beta Mode. The future looks promising for this app.

Your Pokerrrr 2 deal

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