World Champ Espen Jorstad Made His Friends a Lot of Money 26 Jul

To say that Espen Uhlen Jorstad had a great summer in Vegas is quite an understatement. His final tally at the 2022 World Series of Poker is two gold bracelets, one in Tag Team with Patrick "Pads" Leonard and the other one of course being the World Championship one in the Main Event, where he won $10,000,000. But did he really pocket the whole $10 million?

As you know taxes are one of the biggest winners every year at WSOP Main Event and it was no different this time around. When we add up all the taxes owed, we find that the players at the final table owe $6,085,000 to various tax departments, which is a bigger amount than designated 2nd place money prize. The divide is even bigger when we find out that Adrian Attenborough, who finished second behind Espen for $6 million, actually has to pay $2.4 million in taxes as he’s living in the US.

So how much tax Jorstad has to pay out of $10 million first money prize? Zero dollars. That is correct. If he was still living in his native Norway, he would have to pay 28% of his winnings, but Norwegian is instead residing in United Kingdom where gambling winnings aren’t taxed.

Saying all that, this still doesn’t mean he pocketed whole $10 million. For a full transparency, Espen posted excel sheet on his Twitter account with all information on his WSOP buy-ins and cashes this summer in Vegas.

As you can see from the tweet, he “only” had about 56% of his own action in the $10,000 WSOP Main Event, as he made 14 different swaps with his friends, ranging from 1% to 7.5%. We know poker players hate math, so we did calculations for you. That means his friends earned from $100,000 up to $750,000 out of his win!

Interestingly enough, he played "lower" buy-ins events this year and made several swaps in the Main Event due to crypto crash in May, where he lost over $1,000,000 that he had locked up in LUNA, UST, ANC, ASTRO and other tokens in Terra ecosystem. This represented a significant part of his net worth, so he just moved down in stakes and as you can see, crushed it at the end, so we’re sure we’ll see him back to the high stakes tables soon.

We would just like to add that we love the transparency from Epsen and wish more players would follow suit!