WPT Prime in Liechtenstein: Kozma's Victory Highlights Europe's Rising Poker Destination 19 Sep

The picturesque country of Liechtenstein, long celebrated for its mountainous vistas and fairy-tale castles, is gaining recognition for a new accolade: a premier destination for poker enthusiasts.

The recently concluded WPT Prime Liechtenstein marked a significant milestone for the nation's poker prominence. David Kozma emerged victorious in the CHF 1,100 Main Event, clinching a handsome CHF 268,340 ($300,541) and a $10,400 seat in a WPT World Championship.

Hosted by the Grand Casino Liechtenstein, this venue has increasingly become a beacon for the poker community. Living up to its motto, "more than just a casino," the establishment offers an unparalleled poker experience.

Casino staff behind the success of WPT Prime Liechtenstein.

Prioritizing the well-being of its guests, the casino guarantees a pleasant ambiance, complete with a daily players' buffet and complimentary soft drinks. Their ambitions continue, with plans to ascend to the ranks of the best poker rooms in Europe.

Yet, the Grand Casino Liechtenstein experience extends beyond the poker table. The exquisite Alpspitz restaurant is a must-visit for culinary heads, serving traditional dishes and international classics. A visit here offers the pinnacle of Liechtenstein's gastronomy and hospitality that feels just like home.

"Hunger lends the finest seasoning," says the Alpspitz Restaurant.

In 2022, we already recognized the Grand Casino Liechtenstein among the top 5 global poker destinations. Their reputation was cemented by successfully hosting numerous prestigious poker festivals such as Warriors events, PokerStars LIVE, THMC, and various prominent Italian series. Still, none compared in size or prestige to the WPT Prime.

Record-Breaking WPT Prime event

With 1,644 entries, this tournament went down in history as the largest regular-season event in WPT Prime's legacy. Hungarian David Kozma commenced as the chip leader, a position he maintained throughout most of the final table as many fell to his hands, from Guodong Yang's exit to the cruel ousting of Alessandro Pichierri, who got knocked out by the rivered flush of Kozma.

WPT Prime Liechtenstein Final Table.

By the time Lukas Pazma took third place, the stage was set for a heads-up clash between Kozma and Marc Sen. Initially trailing Sen by a narrow margin, Kozma managed to reverse the tides, seizing a lead he never relinquishes. In the final hand, Sen moved all-in on a turn with 2nd pair, and Kozma quickly called with two pair. The Swiss had outs on the river for better two pair, but the river gave the Hungarian a full house, winning the WPT Prime title in style!

Kozma took home $300,541 for a first-place prize, a gorgeous WPT Prime trophy, and an invitation to the WPT World Championship, while Sen pocketed $193,200 as the runner-up.

Liechtenstein may be one of the world's smallest countries, but when it comes to poker, it's proving to be a giant on the European stage.

2023 WPT Liechtenstein Final Table Results

Position Player Country Prize
1 David Kozma Hungary CHF 268,340
2 Marc Sen Switzerland CHF 172,500
3 Lukas Pazma Slovakia CHF 128,000
4 Alessandro Pichierri Italy CHF 95,800
5 Carlos Henningsen Canada CHF 72,300
6 Faton Berisha Switzerland CHF 55,200
7 Thomas Hofmann Switzerland CHF 42,500
8 Salih Atac Italy CHF 33,000
9 Guodong Yang Italy CHF 25,900