Zisimopoulos Crowned Irish Poker Master KO Main Event Champion 27 Nov

The big partypoker Irish Poker Master KO series champion is Georgios Zisimopoulos from Malta after beating 993 opponents in the €1,100 buy-in €1 million guaranteed Main Event. The victory came with an impressive first price of €128,899, made up of a €65,700 first-place prize and an additional €63,199 worth of bounties.

Nobody at the final table walked away with less than €10,000 thanks to the bounty element of this tournament. Russian pro Glib Tremzin was the first of the nine finalists to bust, making an ill-time check-raise all-in on an ace-high flop with ace-nine, only for the preflop aggressor Maxim Ivanov to snap him off with the dominating ace-king.

A standard hand soon after Tremzin's exit reduced the player count by one. Aleksejs Meless of Estonia open-shoved for eight big blinds with ace-jack but failed to get there against the ace-king of Thomas Hueber.

Pavlo Kolinkovskyi was the chip leader when the final table shuffled up and dealt, but was could only muster a seventh-place finish. Kolinkovskyi moved all-in when first to act in the small blind with suited ace-nine. Fellow Ukrainian Ivan Lehin called the 15.5 big blind shove with ace-five; the five was in hearts. Four of the five communities came down in hearts, and Kolinkovskyi bowed out.

Lehin could not put his fellow countryman's chips to good use and exited in sixth-place soon after. Lehin made a move for his last 12 big blinds with queen-jack, Joel Holmberg called all-in on the button with king-queen of hearts, before Tamas Adamszki called with ace-king of spades. Adamszki looked to have busted two players when a king landed on the turn, but a queen on the river saw Holmberg triple up, and Lehin fall by the wayside.

Hueber was another players who saw the river end his tournament life. Ivanov pushed all-in for a shade under 20 big blinds with pocket eights, and Hueber called for less with pocket jacks. The jacks remained good until an eight appeared on the river, improving Ivanov to a set of snowmen, and resigning Hueber to a fourth place finish.

Third place went to Ivanov after he limp-shoved in the small blind after Zisimopoulos raised preflop. Zisimopoulos called the jam with ace-ten of spades, which remained ahead of his opponent's ace-eight.

That hand saw the ball placed firmly in Zisimopoulos' court because his 122,144,590 stack dwarfed the 26,955,410 of Holmberg. The latter saw their stack whittled further until they jammed al-in for 4.5 big blinds with queen-five. Zisimopoulos called with ten-deuce, flopped a deuce, and became the Irish Poker Masters KO Main Event champion.

Irish Poker Masters KO Main Event Final Table

Place Player Country Bounties Prize
1 Georgios Zisimopoulos Malta €63,199 €65,700
2 Joel Holmberg Finland €20,125 €65,599
3 Maxim Ivanov Russia €9,160 €43,458
4 Thomas Hueber Austria €9,726 €28,170
5 Tamas Adamszki Hungary €7,458 €19,216
6 Ivan Lehin Ukraine €12,321 €14,801
7 Pavlo Kolinkovskyi Ukraine €11,921 €10,877
8 Aleksejs Meless Estonia €6,515 €8,638
9 Glib Tremzin Russia €3,250 €6,830