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Open up app and create a new account.

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After successful registration, please enter your ClubGG username and your email address in the form below. Together we will find the best club for you. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate contacting us.

ClubGG Review

Experience all the excitement of GGPoker for free at the awesome ClubGG desktop or mobile app. The feature-rich client is almost a carbon copy of the state-of-the-art GGPoker client, except it is completely free to play from anywhere around the world! If GGPoker is not available in your jurisdiction, ClubGG opens the door to you.

Fire up tournaments and play with friends from all over the planet across a wide variety of different formats, all with no financial outlay on your behalf. Furthermore, ClubGG members have the chance to qualify for major live poker tournaments, including the World Series of Poker Main Event, all from the comfort of their own homes, wherever those homes may be.

ClubGG rakeback and promotions

As with all other club-based apps, ClubGG does not feature any welcome bonus or rakeback schedule. The players can buy diamonds, but there is no discount for buying bulk even with those items.

However, club owners may offer private promotions to encourage you to join their games. Our team will provide you all the details about new promotions.

App review

ClubGG is not only a desktop application; it is available on iOS and Android-powered devices, too. Whichever platform you prefer, the mobile app is slick, responsive, and is jam-packed with features you would expect from the world’s leading online poker site.

ClubGG | Play now | PokerPro - best VIP deals since 2007

Play ClubGG in portrait mode, which is a more natural way to hold your phone, and makes playing tournaments and cash games a breeze, even one-handed. You can fold, check, and raise with a stroke or press of your finger, which makes playing ClubGG on the go extremely easy. Imagine being able to brag about stacking your friend from across the globe, or winning a WSOP Main Event seat while you were stood in line at the store! The possibilities are endless.

All the private clubs and features of the desktop app are present and correct on the iOS and Android editions of ClubGG, so you are not at a disadvantage by preferring one platform from another.

ClubGG | Play now | PokerPro - best VIP deals since 2007 ClubGG | Play now | PokerPro - best VIP deals since 2007

Games and traffic

As ClubGG is still relatively new and a newest addition to our offer, it’s not possible to draw conclusions about the traffic now as it varies from day to day. Within the app, the following games are available:

  • NLH (tournament and ring game).
  • PLO
  • OFC (Coming Soon).
  • 6+ Hold ’em (Coming Soon).
ClubGG | Play now | PokerPro - best VIP deals since 2007

The table design at ClubGG app resembles the GGNetwork mobile client. The GGPoker signature emojis are available to show your emotions at the tables. There are standard buttons to bet (pot, 2BB), and a vertical slider and numeric pad allow you to change the amount or go all-in. Tables can only be displayed in vertical mode.

Bots, solvers, and any sort of real-time assistance is prohibited.

The Club GG Poker client is very well designed. We found no issues while playing. We expect the development team to add many additional features when it came out of the Beta Mode. The future looks promising for this app.

Your ClubGG deal

VIP – please contact our support team for more information regarding special deals for grinders.



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