$250,000 Bounty Award for Whistleblower in Robbi-Garrett Case

The Robbi and Garrett’s J4 hand is a fast-developing story, and a lot has happened since the last time we wrote about Bryan Sagbigsal and new evid…

$250,000 Bounty Award for Whistleblower in Robbi-Garrett Case

The Robbi and Garrett’s J4 hand is a fast-developing story, and a lot has happened since the last time we wrote about Bryan Sagbigsal and new evidence popping out in the investigation and that was on Friday. In the meantime, $250,000 bounty was created for potential whistleblower, Garrett posted a lengthy report on 2+2, Robbi received DMs from Sagbigsal, which might be written by Robbi herself, Sagbigsal opens up on 2+2, and much more.

$250,000 award for whistleblower

Since Friday, a fund for whistleblower to the case has been created by several (prominent) figures from poker community that totals of $250,000 already!


Whoever confesses or brings concrete evidence that cheating has occurred at Hustler Casino Live in the infamous J4 hand, he or she will receive:

  • $100,000 award from Haralabos Voulgaris
  • $100,000 award from Bill Perkins
  • $30,000 award from Tom Dwan
  • $15,000 award from Shaun Deeb
  • And $5,000 award from Nik Airball

There is an expiration date on the bounty, though. Haralabos’ $100k award has a deadline set on Monday noon pacific time, Dwan’s $30k is in the discretion of Joey Ingram, while others haven’t specified their time limit yet.

Garrett Adelstein Report on 2+2

$250,000 Bounty Award for Whistleblower in Robbi-Garrett Case

Garrett Adelstein posted a lengthy report on 2+2 forums as gman06, speculating on how the cheating could have occurred on HCL, supported with clips and timestamps. It’s quite a lot to cover, so we won’t go into details here and rather just post cliff notes, so feel free to check out full report here.

Garrett opens report with: “I can again say with great confidence that Robbi was very likely part of a cheating ring of at least three members, including her, RIP, Bryan and potentially others.” In the report he covers:

  • a strange behavior and conversation between Robbi and RIP at the table, using hand signals and such,
  • a bit of her backstory and how she hardly afforded a $5k buy-in in a cash game 3 days prior to HCL livestream, while being caught in some other lies,
  • (financial) relationship among several figures, all with suspicious past,
  • details about Bryan Sagbigsal and much more

To be absolutely clear, there’s nothing in his report that would prove Robbi was cheating in the J4 hand. Everything posted is just conjecture, assumptions, and nothing but circumstantial evidence. Saying all that, everything seems to tie together so nicely that many people, who were either on a fence before or believing Robbi, are now in camp Garrett.

Robbi receives DM from Bryan and decides to press charges later

Robbi Jade Lew of course responded to Garrett’s allegations saying it was full of inaccuracies and conjecture. “I will not address the individual videos and timestamps as they are nothing new and simply a regurgitation of more of the same shit,” she wrote on Twitter.

On Friday she also received a private message from Bryan Sagbigsal, explaining the $15k theft from his point of view, apologizing and saying thanks to Robbi for not pressing charges, supporting her story, …


And here comes another twist as many believe, Robbi wrote these messages herself and not actually Bryan. People found similar formatting between Robbi’s messages and published private message like using spaces between three dots … , capitalizing certain words in the sentence and probably most damning, using the term “wouldn’t not”. He also referred to himself as a “24-year-old kid”, term that Robbi used many times during live calls in Ingram’s stream.

Next day she decided to press chargers against now former employee of High Stakes Poker Productions: “I have received new information that has caused me to reconsider my prior decisions and proceed to prosecute the crime of theft that has been perpetrated upon me.” She will follow up on this incident today when the Bureau of Investigations opens.

Bryan Sagbigsal Opens Up on 2+2

$250,000 Bounty Award for Whistleblower in Robbi-Garrett Case

Bryan also resorted to 2+2 with his statement regarding cheating accusations that were filed against him as a sound and graphic guy of Hustler Casino Live streams. You can read his statement in full here.

The gist of the post is that he isn’t stupid enough to cheat in a hand like J4 as he would know, as a poker player and as someone who sees all live cards, that Robbi isn’t even favorite in the hand against Garrett. He continued that he isn’t dumb enough to do it in front of 25,000 people watching the stream and millions more, who would see the hand afterwards. Just as an FYI, the video now has more than 7.5 million views on Twitter alone.

He debunked the theory about moving filing cabinet. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, check the video from Doug Polk here.

The biggest irony in all this is that he mentioned several times how he isn’t dumb enough to cheat the game in that spot against that player, but he still stole $15,000 from Robbi’s stack knowing there will be a big follow up from that J4 hand…

Closing thoughts

There are of course many more theories how cheating could have occurred, probably as many as there are Poker Twitter users. Some are wilder than the others, but we will keep an eye on them and do a follow up article, if anything new happens in the Robbi-Garrett drama.

But for now, we would like to close this article with two hilarious videos from SrsrlySirius and Caitlin Comeskey.



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