Experience the World Poker Tour with WPT Global’s Passport Dollars

Are you ready to take your poker game to the next level and travel the world while doing it? WPT Global is making it easier than ever to experience the thrill of live WPT festivals with their Passport Dollars program. Whether you’re aiming for the grand WPT World Championships or any of the exciting WPT Prime events, Passport Dollars offer amazing flexibility and value.

What Are Passport Dollars?

Passport Dollars are a unique currency designed for poker enthusiasts who want to participate in WPT events worldwide. There are two types of passports available:

  • $12,400 WPT Passport: Ideal for flagship events like the WPT World Championships.
  • $1,500 WPT Prime Passport: Perfect for WPT Prime events and to top up your passport dollars.

Both passports provide you with flexible passport dollars that can be used for tournament entries and travel expenses.

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How to Win Your WPT Passport

Winning your WPT Passport is simpler than you might think. Every Sunday at 18:30 ET, WPT Global hosts a $1,060 satellite where at least three $12,400 WPT Passports are up for grabs.

For those looking to enter at a lower cost, they offer qualifiers starting at just $5, with daily freerolls feeding into these qualifiers. This means you could potentially win a seat at a major WPT event for free!

If the $1,500 WPT Prime Passport suits your plans better, you can enter satellites starting from $11, leading to a $110 final qualifier every Sunday at 14:40 ET.

Using Your Passport Dollars

The dedicated passport team will help you select the WPT Festival that best suits your schedule and interests. Passport Dollars can be used for:

  • Tournament entries
  • Travel expenses (up to $2000 per festival)
  • Accommodation

Imagine using your Passport Dollars for a luxurious trip to the WPT World Championships in Las Vegas or a sunny beach vacation while playing poker in Cyprus. The choice is yours!

Example of winning Passport Dollars

Let’s take a look at how you could use your Passport Dollars at a real event. If you attended the WPT Montreal Festival, you might choose to play:

  • $1,150 CAD WPT Prime Entry
  • $1,150 CAD WPT Prime Re-entry
  • $590 CAD WPT500 Entry
  • $3,500 CAD WPT Championship Entry
  • $2,000 USD for travel expenses

With the current exchange rates, this package would total $6,670, leaving you with a $5,730 Passport Dollar balance for future adventures.

Upcoming WPT Events in 2024

The WPT calendar for 2024 is packed with exciting destinations:

  • WPT Prime Taiwan: 6-19 August
  • WPT Prime Cyprus: 22-26 August
  • WPT Prime UK: 12-16 September
  • WPT Prime Liechtenstein: 18-30 September
  • WPT Australia Championship: 19-25 September
  • WPT Prime Paris: 14-27 October
  • WPT bestbet Scramble Championship: 15-19 November
  • WPT Seminole Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker Open Championship: 29 November – 4 December

Transferability and Flexibility

One of the best features of Passport Dollars is their flexibility. You can transfer Passport Dollars to friends or family, allowing them to join the fun at WPT Festivals. This means you can share your winnings and make every poker trip a memorable experience with loved ones.

Ready to Get Started?

Don’t miss your chance to turn your poker dreams into reality. Win your WPT Passport today and start planning the poker trip of a lifetime. With flexible Passport Dollars, you can enjoy top-tier tournaments, luxurious travel, and unforgettable experiences on and off the felt.

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