GGPoker Decides to Ban Poker Stables

A few days ago, PokerOK and GGNetwork released a joint statement about banning stables from staking players outside GGNetwork’s functionality(GGNetwork’s client has built-in staking functionality).

If you want to know more about staking, you can read our article about it.

What is Poker Stable?

Poker Stable is a collection of staking arrangements. Staking arrangements are when a backer decides to invest money in a poker player with whom the backer will share profits from game winnings, usually a 50-50 split if the player is successful.

If things go wrong for the player and he loses the invested money of the backer, he can get more money from the backer, but the player loses his percentage of the 50-50 split and has to make up for the lost money before he can get back to the prior deal.

What Does the Statement Say?

In the GG’s statement, there is a mention of stables that systematically violating the rules of the platform(teamplay, soft play, ghosting, collusion, bum hunting,multi-accounting, collective collection of statistics, notes, and mining) must stop, or the bankrolls of players from poker stables will be confiscated.

Also, the statement mentions that backing players in tournaments should only take place using the functionality of GG’s client, and they are going to expand the functionality of backing by implementing a function that allows you to see players’ backers.

The statement also mentioned that stables are not allowed to advertise player backing publicly and that backing should be a private arrangement, not a marketing tool that attracts more players to stables.

Jordan “BBZ” Drummond’s Reaction to the Ban

Jordan, a poker stable owner, made a video response to this statement saying that he agrees with the part where players are not allowed to ghost, softplay, collude, and use multi-accounting. Still, he said this has nothing to do with stables and is more of an individual thing.

He also said he doesn’t consider bum-hunting cheating and that confiscating money from players who bum-hunt is a higher-degree offense than bum-hunting.

The part of the statement where Jordan completely disagrees is the part where they mention backing outside of GG’s functionality and public advertising of backing.

Jordan also says he might have to take his business out of GG if GG pushes on this subject.

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