High Stakes Poker Player Murdered in Toronto

High stakes poker player from Canada Matthew Bergart was murdered this Thursday during the heist in Toronto. Around 2:25 a.m. on Thursday, police responded to a shooting call at Lake Shore Blvd at Long Branch Ave. It was the heist of a townhouse that Bergart was visiting.

Police say suspects were demanding cash and valuables, and Bergart had nothing to do with the whole thing. The main target was the owner of the property. In the fight between thieves and victims, Bergart was shot with multiple shots. He was taken to the hospital but died of gunshot wounds. Police say he was at the “wrong place at the wrong time”. The suspects wore dark clothing and escaped the crime scene in a “white or light-colored sedan.”

News Source: Toronto Sun

Online Poker Star

Matthew Bergart played high-stakes poker against some of the biggest names in online poker, like Misha Innerpsy, Darrell Goh, Linus Love, etc.

There was also a conversation between Matthew and Wouter Beumers (MMA Sherdrog) where MMA asked him about his return to high-stakes.

Wouter Beumers: So, you were banned from Stars and ACR, you also disappeared from GG, and now you suddenly returned and are ready to play HU with anyone?

Matthew Bergart: I banned myself on Stars when I was 18 because of my parents. I was banned from ACR because I played under the account Isidro Pereira, and they also suspected me of using a solver. GG acted meanly because, in 2019, I won a lot.

Wouter Beumers: The whole world is against you.

Matthew Bergart: But now I’m allowed to play here under my account.

Wouter Beumers: All this does not inspire confidence in me. HU, I will not play with you.

Matthew Bergart: You can add me on Discord; make sure I play

Source: GipsyTeam poker forum

Matthew has only one recorded live MTT result from the 2019 WSOP Main Event when he won 825th place for $18,535.

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