High Stakes Poker Season 12 Episode 12 Recap 

In this episode of High Stakes Poker, you can see Andrew Robl, Nik Airball, Charles Yu, Stanley Tang, Brandon Adams, and Santhosh Suvarna playing $1,000/$2,000 No-Limit Hold’em. You can read about previous episode here.

One For Each

Yu opened 1010, Airball called with AJ, Robl called with KQ, Tang called with 85, and Suvarna closed the pre-flop action with [invalid notations]. The pot is $32,000.

The flop comes J78, giving Tang the most equity with a second pair plus flush draw; Airball also hit the top pair with a top kicker. It’s checked to Airball, who bets $20,000, Tang raises to $75,000, and Airball calls. The pot is $182,000.

The turn was 4, and it’s a good turn for Airball, who takes the lead in the hand. Tang gets some additional outs, as six gives him a straight. Tang went all-in for $247,000, and the speech play comes in. When Airball asks Tang what he is doing, Tang says he is tilted; Airball says he has no idea what he wants to do but calls and is favored to win with 61 percent of equity.

They decide to run it twice; the first river was 7, and the second river was 9, so Airball and Tang split the $676,000 pot.

Airball Makes an Amazing Read and Denies the Biggest Pot in History of HSP

Tang opens A7 to $5,000, Yu calls with Q9, Airball calls with 66, and Adams calls with JJ. The pot is $22,000.

The flop comes 8106, everybody checks, and Yu bets $10,000 with his gutshot plus queen high flush draw; Airball calls with a set of sixes, Adams calls with the overpair, and Tang calls with a gutshot. The pot is $62,000.

The turn comes 2, which doesn’t change anything, and Airball leads for $50,000 with the best hand; Adams and Tang both fold and Yu calls. The pot is $162,000.

The river is J giving Yu the nuts, but Airball leads again for $200,000 and gets shoved on for $682,000 effective.

After thinking for ten minutes, Robl calls the clock on Airball and has one minute to decide.

Ultimately, Airball makes the right decision and folds, but Yu wins $297,000.

Tang Splits Again

Yu opens to $5,000 with A4, Adams 3-bets to $20,000 with AK, Tang cold 4-bets to $80,000 with KK, Yu folds, and Adams goes all-in for $237,000, Tang snap-calls. They decide to run it twice.

The first board was 9A2910, and the second was 32710J; Adams and Tang split the pot of $483,000.

This was the final episode of High Stakes Poker Season 12.

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