High Stakes Poker Season 12 Episode 2 Recap 

Things are getting heated up in the 2nd episode of High Stakes Poker with some absolute coolers and huge pots; the game is still $200/$400 No-Limit, Hold ’em and we have Andrew Robl, Jean-Robert Bellande, Jennifer Tilly, Santhosh Suvarna, Justin Gavri, Vivian Yang, Andrew Pacheco, and Andrew Sasson at the table!  

Player Profit / Loss 
Andrew Robl $232,700 
Jean-Robert Bellande -$41,200 
Andrew Pacheco $235,300 
Andrew Sasson -$317,300 
Jennifer Tilly -$99,000 
Vivian Yang -$114,600 
Justin Gavri -$72,400 
Santhos Suvarna $158,500 

Nightmare Flop For Sasson

We saw a huge cooler when Pacheco raised vs straddle with QQ and got called by Sasson with JJ. Everybody folded, and they went to flop Heads-up.  

And the flop comes J3Q, which is an absolute disaster for Sasson as he flopped a weaker set than Pacheco. Pacheco c-bets for $3,000, and Sasson calls. The pot is $14,100.  

Turn comes 6, and Pacheco bets again for $10,000 and gets raised to $60,000. After some thinking, Pacheco goes all-in and gets snap-called for a total of $175,000.  

They ran it twice, but two percent of equity was not enough for Sasson as both rivers bricked, and Pacheco won a pot of $365,100.  

When it Rains it Pours

In the next hand, we saw Sasson open limped for $1,000 and got two callers and a squeeze to $10,000 from Robl with 77. Suvarna(A8), Tilly(K2) and Sasson(98) called, flop comes 106J, and the pot is $43,100.  

Everybody checks. Turn comes J, Robl bets $10,000, and only Sasson calls with open-ender. The pot is $63,100.  

River 7 is the worst possible card in the deck for Sasson as he hits the straight but has zero chance to win since Robl has hit the full house.

Robl puts him almost all-in with a bet of $150,000, and Sasson says, “Am I going home broke, really?” he calls and can’t believe his eyes. 

Pacheco Flops Another Monster

Pacheco raises to $3,000 with K10 from SB and Tilly three-bets to $10,000 from the BB with AJ; Pacheco calls, and the flop is 101010 giving him Quads. Tilly c-bets for $15,000, Pacheco calls, and pot is $51,500.

Turn comes 3, Tilly continues with a $25,000 bet, Pacheco min raises to $50,000, Tilly calls. The pot is $151,000.
Fortunately for Tilly, the river is K, and she only has ace-high. Pacheco bets $100,000; Tilly decides to save some money and folds.

Next episode of High Stakes Poker Season 12 comes out on Monday, March 4, at 8 p.m. ET

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