High Stakes Poker Season 12 Episode 4 Recap 

Andrew Robl continues to win flips and take stacks from people in episode 4! He was also one with the biggest stack, sitting with $594,300.

Check out High Stakes Poker Episode 2 if you want to see more of a good run by Andrew Robl.

Player Profit / Loss 
Andrew Robl $371,100 
Phil Laak-$30,800
Nikhil Arcot$47,000
David Rheem-$166,600
Santhos Suvarna $-175,200 
Vivian Yang $58,600
Justin Gavri -$104,300 

Run it Twice, Win it Twice!

Right at the start of the session, Robl raises to $2,000 with 42, Laak calls, Gavri squeezes to $10,000 with KQ, and he gets four callers. The pot is $50,500.

The flop comes AJ2, and Gavri bets $25,000 with a gutshot to royal flush and gets a call from Suvarna and a raise to $60,000 from Robl. Gavri decides to go all-in, Suvarna folds, and Robl calls. The pot is $264,100.

Equities run close, but Gavri is a 57 percent favorite to Robl’s 43 percent. They decide to run it twice, and Robl’s deuce holds both times with identical runouts. Turn is 8 and 8; the river comes A and A.

Gavi is out of the game, and Robl says, “This year, it’s been unreal how lucky I’ve been.”

The Run Goes On!

Rheem raises to $5,000 with KQ, Suvarna calls, Airball calls, and Robl Squeezes to $20,000 with 99, Rheem goes all-In for $77,000, and Robl calls. They are flipping for a pot of $164,500.

The flop comes 10510, and Robl gains equity, and again, both turn cards are 7 and 7, and rivers are 4 and 6. Robl wins both runouts again and scoops the pot of $164,500.

A few hands later, Suvarna opened to $4,000 with AK and got 3betted by Airball to $20,000 before Robl threw in a cold 4bet to $50,000 with QQ. Suvarna pushed all-In for a total of $91,700, and Robl called. The pot is $204,700.

They run it twice once again, but the outcome is different this time! The first board runout was 2446A, and the second board came Q910JJ. Survarna survives, and they split Airball’s money.

We can confidently say that Andrew Robl dominated this episode, and the rest of the pack had little room to shine.
The next episode of High Stakes Poker starts on Monday, March 18, at 8 p.m. ET.

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