High Stakes Poker Season 12 Episode 5 Recap 

In the 5th episode of High Stakes Poker, Gavri left, but Jean-Robert Bellande and Brandon Adams replaced him.

Player Profit / Loss 
Brandon Adams$237,000
Andrew Robl -$20,700
Phil Laak-$103,100
Nikhil Arcot$210,400
David Rheem-$195,600
Santhos Suvarna -$380,400
Vivian Yang $76,700
Jean-Robert Bellande$175,700

One and Done!

The first significant hand of the game happened when Phil Laak decided to limp AK and got two callers before Suvarna squeezed with 99 to $11,600. Laak 3bets to $42,400, and Suvarna is the only caller. The pot is $92,500.

The flop comes 328, Suvarna checks, and Laak goes all-in for another $167,000, but Suvarna quickly folds. Laak decided to show one card, and it was A.

The Agony Continues for Suvarna

In the next big hand, Rheem opens 44 to $3,000, Suvarna calls AJ, Laak calls KJ, and Bellande calls A6. The pot is $12,900.

Flop comes A6A and gives Bellande a full house while also giving Suvarna trips. Bellande bets $6,000, Rheem and Suvarna call, Laak folds. The pot is $30,900

Turn comes 7, and Bellande bets for another $25,000, and Suvarna calls. The pot is $80,900.

River is a brick 2, and Bellande goes for a $69,000 triple barrel, gets called by Suvarna, and wins the pot of $218,900.

Robbi gets caught this time!

Robl straddles to $3,200, Adams raises to $14,000 with 108, and Robl calls with J4. The pot is $31,300.

The flop comes with 84A, Adams c-bets for $12,000, and Robl snap calls. The pot is $55,300.

The turn comes 5, Adams checks, Robl bets $35,000, and Adams Calls. The pot is $125,300.

The river comes 9, Adams checks, and Robl goes for a big bet of $100,000. Adams makes a fantastic call with a third pair and wins the pot of $325,300.

Crazy Split Pot

Nik Airball raises his AJ to $10,000, Rheem wakes up with AA and just calls, and Suvarna also calls with 87. The pot is $31,900.

The flop comes 2K7, giving Airball and Suvarna a flush draw. Rheem checks, Suvarna checks, and Airball goes for a $20,000 bet; Rheem pulls the trigger and goes all-in for $95,000, Suvarna calls, and Airball calls. The pot is 316,000, and the side pot is $203,000.

They decide to run it twice. The first runnout is 3, K, and the second runnout comes Q, 10. First goes to Rheem, and 2nd one goes to Airball.

The Harvard professor stole the show in this episode and schooled the students! The next episode of High Stakes Poker starts on Monday, March 25, at 8 p.m. E.

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