Interview with Norwegian MTT crusher Jon Kyte after coming 2nd in the EPT Prague Main Event for $692,246!

Hey Jon, it hasn’t been long since our last interview, but a lot has happened! As you said last time, you went to the Norwegian Championship, EPT Cyprus, and Las Vegas. You had a few cashes and final tables, but then a win in $800 No Limit Hold’em – UltimateStack in Las Vegas for $40,783.  

1Q. How was Vegas, and how would you compare the player pool in Vegas and Europe? Does one suit you better than the other? 

1A. I really enjoy Las Vegas; there’s always something to play there, no matter when you go. I will definitely try to go there at least twice a year; the next time is in the summer for WSOP. I like playing everywhere, but the fields are definitely different in the USA compared to Europe. I’d like to say that it’s softer in Las Vegas, but I also need to adapt more there to their playing style. 

 After Vegas, you went to Bratislava and won another tournament, €500+50 H.O.R.S.E.S. – Mixed Games Main Event for $9,659, and to mention you had another final table after

2Q .Does winning always feel the same to you, or you don’t get as excited for these smaller events? 

2A. I’d like to win no matter what. The money doesn’t matter as much in those smaller tournaments, but I’m definitely a trophy hunter. 

And to end the year with a bang, you went to EPT Prague and finished 2nd in the Main Event for $692,246, the biggest tournament cash in your life. 

3Q .Can you tell us more about the whole experience? Does it seem unreal?  

3A. As poker players, we live for those big scores, those big tournaments. I was very fortunate to have gone that far in the main event, but for me, it’s just another day at work, no matter how much you earn. Just try to get out there and make the best out of it. One tournament score doesn’t matter that much. It’s how much you profit over a long period of time that matters and how good you play. I’ve played all EPTs since COVID-19 and will continue to do so. 

4Q. How did you celebrate and relax after the win and long poker season?  

4A. I was so exhausted after three days in the 1K, 2 days in the 2K & 6 days in the 5K without a break, so we decided just to eat and drink at Hilton. I went to bed and celebrated with my girlfriend in Prague the day after before going home to my family and having a small celebration there as well. 

 5Q. Are you the luckiest player that ever lived, or do you actually work on your game? 

5A. Haha, I looked at myself as very lucky back in 2017, then reality hit, and I was on a downswing in 2018, then I played less and started studying. After putting down hundreds of hours studying during COVID-19, I really became a new guy. I was hitting the final tables one after another and winning a lot of smaller events. I always show up with a lot of confidence and think I could win every event I play. Of course, I got really lucky two times in the main event, but you have to get lucky at some point to reach such a big final table. So, I’m definitely not complaining about my second-place finish 🙂 

Thank you for the interview, Jon; PokerPro team wishes you all the best in the new season!

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