Edgaras Kausinis Crowned Champion in Record-Shattering 2024 Kings of Tallinn Main Event

Edgaras Kausinis has emerged victorious in the 2024 Kings of Tallinn Main Event at the Olympic Park Casino, an event with a €1,100 buy-in that will also be remembered for shattering previous records. With a staggering 914 entry field, it blew last year’s tally of 716 out of the water, setting a new high for one of Europe’s most prestigious tournaments.

Kausinis pocketed a handsome sum of €120,910 for his victory, and it seems we are witnessing a live tournament breakout in the making. This is Lithuanian’s second trophy in a short period, following his dominant performance at the final table of the 2024 Ace Breaker High Roller less than a month ago, where he secured €22,390 for the win.

When three players were left, Kausinis secured a three-way deal with Mantas Tamulevicius and Aleksi Naski, with both players locking up €105,000. While Tamalevicius had to concede to Kausinis in a heads-up, Naski claimed the third spot, making his second consecutive impressive finish in the Kings of Tallinn Main event after placing sixth last year.

2024 Kings of Tallinn Final Table Results

1Edgaras KausinisLithuania€120,910*
2Mantas TamuleviciusLithuania€105,000*
3Aleksi NaskiFinland€105,000*
4Benjamin GrosFrance€54,800
5Even RislovNorway€39,600
6Greger AktellSweden€30,350
7Wissam PolusSweden€23,100
8Paul NeweyUnited Kingdom€17,800
* denotes a three-way deal

2024 Kings of Tallinn Final Table Action

Eleven players returned for the final day of the €1,100 Main Event from a field of 914 entrants. Among them, Aleksi Naski, who started the day second in chips behind Edgaras Kausinis, was searching for another final table with a wealth of experience from lifting trophies in Tallinn.

Aleksi Naski

Two eliminations were needed for the final table. Frederik Brink’s knockout in 11th place was quickly followed by simultaneous eliminations at separate tables, leading to the exits of the last Estonian contender, Herli Olop, in tenth, and Mindaugas Jonaitis in ninth, setting the stage for the final eight.

At the start of the final table, Kausinis held a healthy chip lead, while Naski slipped down the ladder after losing a quarter of his stack. However, his fortune quickly changed when he eliminated Paul Newey in eighth place, turning a king on the flop after being dominated with king-ten against Newey’s ace-ten.

Fans watching the livestream witnessed several lead changes over three hours of play when Wissam Polus three-bet jammed with 43 against Naski’s AK, who was the original opener. Despite a promising flop for Polus with 462, it turned quickly as A fell on the river and sealed his fate in seventh place.

Swede Greger Aktell faced a brutal beat in sixth place when his ace-king clashed with Mantas Tamulevicius’s pocket aces on the big blind, leaving him without the needed help. The heartbreaks continued as Even Rislov, holding ace-queen, was ousted in fifth place by Kausinis’s ace-king, also on the big blind.

Mantas Tamulevicius

In a blind-vs-blind scenario, Benjamin Gros had to wave a white flag in fourth place when his pocket nines fell to Kausinis’s ace-ten. After a few hands played, the final trio of Kausinis, Naski, and Tamulevicius agreed to a deal, each securing €105,000, with €15,910 and the trophy still in play.

In a key moment, Kausinis flopped a straight with ten-nine against Naski’s king-ten on a flop of JKQ. Lithuanian made a bet on a flop and turn, which Naski called. A fourth diamond 8d hit the river, and this time, Kausinis checked his option. Naski went all-in and put a lot of pressure on Kausinis, who paused for a minute or two before making a great call. Soon after, Naski called his remaining chips with pocket three against the all-in of Kausinis, who held ace-eight. A dramatic river ace sealed the fate, eliminating him in third.

Edgaras Kausinis

Tamulevicius overtook a lead in heads-up from his fellow countryman after his king-nine all-in won against Kausinis’ pocket tens, but that was all she wrote for him, as Kausinis regained the lead in the very next hand.

Kausinis flopped another straight with ten-nine only a few minutes later, and Tamulevicius proceeded to c-bet with his king-five high. Turn was a disaster as it brought him a top pair of king, Tamulevicius pushed all-in and was drawing dead against Kausinis.

Kausinis pocketed an additional €15,910 for the win, along with €105,000 made in the deal, and earned the prestigious title of Main Event champion at Northern Europe’s largest poker festival.

* Images and hands courtesy of olybet.tv

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