Saulo Costa Explains how he made $100,000 at $200 Zoom! 

Saulo says that he played around 1M hands of $200 zoom Online with winrate of 5bb/100 and made $96,950. He also says that most people playing $200 zoom can’t get winrate over 3bb/100

Saulo says the difference between somebody who makes 2bb/100 and somebody who makes 5bb/100 is in 3 significant factors

  1. Avoid spewing money against better regulars. 

Playing a solid game against them and never making a colossal mistake or making extreme deviations with assumptions we can’t prove

Exclude emotions when running bad against somebody and invest time to learn the theory of the game

Learn new Heuristics, refine the old ones using poker trainers like GTO Wizard, and drill the spots. 

  1. Crush the Recreational players. 

Our top priority should be to study how to exploit recreationals since we make most of our money playing against them

Saulo says the most important thing to do against recreational players is to never fold the river against them

He highlights the misconception that recreational never bluff and says that recreationals bluff more than regulars

  1. Destroying weaker regulars 

Some of the characteristics of weaker regs are that they don’t adjust fast enough, don’t understand the theory well, and have a highly exploitable strategy. 

Saulo suggests that our job should be to “make their life hell” and exploit their passivity and lack of aggression in spots

Saulo also says that our job as poker players is to have the mind of a hunter when we sit down at the poker table

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