The Wait is Over: High Stakes Poker Season 12 is Live!

We are back to the first episode of High Stakes Poker Season 12, where we saw Andrew Robl, Jean-Robert Bellande, and Jennifer Tilly headline the $200/$400 No-Limit Hold’em cash game while Santhosh Suvarna, Justin Gavri, Vivian Yang, Andrew Pacheco, and Andrew Sasson join the mix.

As usual, Andrew Robl keeps on crushing TV cash game tables and was a big winner in the first episode with $121,800 in profit. Jean-Robert Bellande also finished the session on a high note as the other player with a six-figure score. On the other hand, Justin Gavri ended the day $135,900 in red.

PlayerProfit / Loss
Andrew Robl$121,800
Jean-Robert Bellande$104,700
Andrew Pacheco$39,900
Andrew Sasson-$22,800
Jennifer Tilly-$33,700
Vivian Yang-$74,000
Justin Gavri-$135,900

Run It and Split It!

The first big hand we saw was the one where Robl was in $800 straddle, and he got raised by Sasson to $2,000, and Tilly called for $1,800. Robl decided to 3bet to $10,000, Sasson called, and Tilly folded.

Robl was holding KJ, while Sasson called with 107. The flop came 108Q and gave Robl an open-ended straight draw while Sasson blinked a 2nd pair. Pot was $22,900.

Robl c-bets for $11,000, and Sasson raises to $34,000; after some thinking, Robl goes all-in for $90,500, and Sasson makes the hero call.

Equities are running close, so both players have 50% to win the hand; they run it twice, and in the first runout, Robl gets there with 9, giving him the nuts, but on the second one, he bricks, and they split the pot of $203,900.

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Bluff Time – But Not This Time

The next big hand we saw was the hand between Justin Gavri and Jennifer Tilly. Gavri opened 65 and faced 3bet from Tilly with AQ, and he called.

Flop came 747 and gave Gavri an open-ended straight draw and a backdoor flush; he goes for a $21,000 check-raise against Tilly’s $7,000 bet. Tilly goes for a 3-bet to $60,000, and Gavri calls. Turn comes to J, and pot is $135,900.

The turn goes check-check, and Q falls on the river, giving Tilly two pairs, but Gavri leads all-in for $60,100 and gets called by Tilly, who wins the pot of $256,100.

Tilly Picks the Right Card!

Another big hand happened when Tilly opened K3 and was three-bet by Bellande with A9 and she called.

Pot was $27,500. The flop came 539, giving both players a piece.

Bellande improved to TPTK (Top Pair Top Kicker), and Tilly had a bottom pair and a flush draw. Tilly leads on the flop for $15,000, and Bellande snaps calls. The pot is $57,500.

Turn comes 9, which improves Bellande to trips, but Tilly double barrels for another $25,000. After a brief moment of thinking, Bellande three-bets to $75,000, Tilly calls. Pot is $197,500.

River comes Q, and after Tilly checks, Bellande goes all-in for the remaining $109,000, leaving Tilly with an easy decision of just folding since she had a flush draw that missed. To make it even easier, Bellande gives Tilly an option to see one of his cards, and she turns up one card, and it is the 9.

And, of course, Tilly sees she is beaten and folds.

Episode 2 of High Stakes Poker comes out on Monday, February 26, at 8 p.m. ET on the PokerGO platform.

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