Andi Ni Wins Second Triton Montenegro Event For $785,000

After Chris Moneymaker’s dazzling performance on Monday, The Triton Super High Roller Series in Montenegro witnessed a spectacular end last night as China’s Andy Ni clinched his first title at the $25K NLHE tournament. The event concluded dramatically with Ni eliminating two opponents in a single hand, a first for Triton events.

Ni, a 41-year-old originally from China but a long-term resident of Spain, has shown remarkable skill throughout the tournament, maintaining a lead from Day 1 right through to the nail-biting finale. This victory marked his third and largest cash in the Triton series, netting him $785,000.

The final showdown saw Ni facing off against Nicolas Chouity and Chris Brewer. Chouity, who has now finished runner-up for the second time in the series, earned $531,000. Brewer, taking third place, increased his Triton earnings to approximately $7.5 million with a $354,000 payout this event.

2024 Triton Poker Montenegro $25,000 8-Handed Final Results

1Andy NiChina$785,000
2Nicolas ChouityLebanon$531,000
3Chris BrewerUSA$354,000
4Aram SargsyanArmenia$290,000
5Viacheslav BuldyginRussia$233,000
6Danny TangHong Kong$180,500
7Nacho BarberoArgentina$133,600
8Alex KulevBulgaria$98,500

Final Table Highlights

Ni entered the final table with a commanding chip lead and never looked back. His first significant play of the day came when he eliminated Alex Kulev early on when his aces held up against Kulev’s AQ, cementing his lead while sending Kulev to the rail with a respectable $98,500.

The dynamics at the table remained volatile, with Chris Brewer, another formidable contender, keeping the pressure on Ni. Brewer’s pivotal moment came when he ousted Nacho Barbero, who pushed all-in with AK only to be defeated by Brewer’s pocket aces, relegating Barbero to a $133,600 payout.

As the chips continued to fly, Nicolas Chouity steadily accumulated wealth in smaller pots, positioning himself as a serious challenger. His persistence paid off when he eliminated Danny Tang with AK, catching a king on the river to overpower Tang’s QQ, who exited in sixth place with $180,500.

Viacheslav Buldygin, a familiar face in the Triton Series, had his final table journey cut short when he could not build a significant stack and was forced to move all-in with K8. His attempt was beaten by Brewer’s A3, resulting in a fifth-place finish and a $233,000 payout.

Aram Sargsyan, experiencing the Triton final table for the first time, showcased his resilience by reaching fourth place. His tournament run ended when he pushed all-in with pocket tens 1010, only to be called by Nicolas Chouity with Q7. Chouity’s queen on the flop ousted Sargsyan, who left with a commendable $290,000.

Climactic Triple All-In Finish

The tournament reached its zenith in a rare triple all-in situation, a first for a Triton event finale. The hand began with Chris Brewer holding A8, while Ni found AJ and decided to go all-in from the small blind. Nicolas Chouity, not to be left behind, called with A10 from the big blind. This pivotal moment left Brewer in a tough spot, contemplating a fold that could potentially bump him to a higher payout but ultimately deciding to call.

The board ran out, favoring Ni with the highest kicker, confirming his double knockout and securing the championship with a total prize of $785,000. Chouity’s tenacious play earned him $531,000 for his runner-up finish, and Brewer, with his strategic gameplay, took home $354,000 for third place.

*Results and Pictures courtesy of Triton

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