Artsiom Lasouski Makes His First Ever Triton Cash a $669,000 Win!

Champion Artsiom Lasouski

The Unexpected Champion

Artsiom Lasouski is a 25-year-old Belarusian who played his first Triton series in Montenegro and scored a golden win! Artsiom played the first two events of the series and busted, but the third one was the charm, and he won a $40,000 Mystery Bounty for $669,000. He also collected 12 mystery bounties that will be drawn on May 17. Lasouski is an online grinder, so this is his most significant live MTT win.

The Day 2 Action

On Day 2 of the $40,000 Mystery Bounty NLH – 7 Handed event of Triton Super High Roller Series, we saw many familiar names, like Chris Moneymaker, Stephen Chidwick, Nikita Kuznetsov, and Phil Ivey, trying to get their hands on the crown. Out of 151 total entries, 47 players were left in the game, with 27 ITM spots and mystery bounties ranging from $40,000 to $400,000.

Art Lasouski was sitting in 33rd place with a short stack of 15 big blinds compared to Nikita Kuznetsov, the chip leader, who had 70 big blinds in play.

We saw Danny Tang knock Phil Ivey out of the tournament in 17th place when Andrew Chen open limped with J10. Ivey went all-in for 11 big blinds with 88, but Tange woke up with AK on the Big Blind, shoved 17 big blinds, and Chen folded. The board ran Q52JA; Ivey lost a flip and was out of the tournament.

With nine players remaining in the game, we saw Kuznetsov opening 75 to 3.2 big blinds, and Sam Grafton defended his Big Blind with 109. The board came Q78; Grafron led for 1.5 big blinds with only five big blinds behind, and Kuznetsov called. The turn was 4, and Grafton went all-in. Kuznetsov called. The river was K, Sam Grafton was out in ninth place and final table was formed.

The Final Table

Chris Moneymaker open limped with JJ. Stephen Chidwick went all-in with AJ for 11 big blinds, and Moneymaker called. The board ran 3469Q, and Chidwick was out in eighth place for $82,000.

Daniel Rezaei opened two big blinds with A10, Moneymaker called with 107, and Danny Tang went all-in with 88 for nine big blinds. Both Rezaei and Moneymaker called. The flop came 229; both players checked. The turn came A; both players checked again. The river came 3, Rezaei bet four big blinds, Moneymaker folded, and Tang was eliminated in seventh place for $114,000.

Rezaei was the next one to leave the final table when he opened to four big blinds with J10 and only one big blind behind. Lasouski went all-in with A2. Everybody folded, and Rezaei called. The board ran 75A86, giving Lasouski the winning hand. Rezaei won $156,000 for sixth place.

Dylan Linde got eliminated in fifth place when he went all-in with A2 for 11 big blinds and got called by Lasouski with KJ. The board came 67KJ5 and Linde was out for $202,000.

The wild hand happened when Lasouski opened to 2.8 big blinds with AQ, Samuel Ju went all-in for 1.2 big blinds with AJ, Kuznetsov went all-in for 31 big blinds with A5, and Lasouski called. The board ran 8J1073, and Samuel Ju won the hand, winning 3.5 big blinds, but Lasouski won the side pot against Kuznetsov, who was eliminated in fourth position for $253,000.

Chris Moneymaker was out in third place when he shoved for eight big blinds with J3, and Ju called with K10. The board ran 62289, and Moneymaker had to leave with $311,000 in the bag.

The Heads-Up

At the beginning of Heads-up, Lasouski had almost a three-to-one stack ratio advantage against Ju. After a bit of back-and-forth battle, the big hand happened when Ju limped with 86, Lasousk 3-bet to 3.2 big blinds with QQ, and JU called. The flop was 63J, Lasouski c-bet for 2.5 big blinds, and Ju called. The Turn was 9, and Lasouski continued with six big blinds bet, Ju called. The river was 9, giving both players two pairs; Lasouski went all-in for 15 big blinds, and after some thinking, Ju decided to call, and Lasouski was crowned champion. Ju was out in second place for $452,000.

2024 Triton Montenegro $40,000 Mystery Bounty Final Table Results

1Artisom LasouskiBelarus$669,000
2Samuel JuGermany$452,000
3Chris MoneymakerUnited States$311,000
4Nikita KuznetsovRussia$253,000
5Dylan LindeUnited States$202,000
6Daniel RezaeiAustria$156,000
7Danny TangHong Kong$114,000
8Stephen ChidwickUnited Kingdom$82,000

Images and hands courtesy of Triton Poker.

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