“Limitless” Defeats Mateos to Win Triton Montenegro Title ($4,789,000)

Champion Wiktor Malinowski

After two days of poker in event #11 200k NLH 8-Handed, the third day opened with one of the most rigid final tables in the Triton Super High Roller Series Montenegro. The star-studded line-up including the likes of Wiktor Malinowski, Mikita Badziakouski, Jason Koon, Jonathan Jaffe, Steve O’Dwyer, Mike Watson, Adrian Mateos, Nick Petrangelo, and Matas Cimbolas before Malinowski parlayed his chip lead into his first Triton title for $4,789,000 while denying Mateos his second victory of the festival

Malinowski, better known as the online cash game superstar “Limitless” is known as one of the best heads-up players in the world. His claim to fame doesn’t end there as he is also the top dog on the Poland All-Time Money List at The Hendon Mob with total earnings of $11,961,431 with his recent Triton victory adding some icing on top as his largest live tournament haul to date.

Triton Super High Roller Series Montenegro Event 11 – $200,000 NLH Final Results

PlacePlayerCountryPayout (USD)*
1 Wiktor MalinowskiPoland$4,789,000
2 Adrian MateosSpain$3,292,000
3 Steve O’DwyerIreland$2,157,000
4 Mike WatsonCanada$1,748,000
5 Mikita BadziakouskiBelarus$1,405,000
6 Jason KoonUnited States$1,098,000
7 Jonathan JaffeUnited States$865,000
8 Nick PetrangeloUnited States$661,000

Triton High Roller Series Montenegro Event #11 Final Table Action

Final Table Players

At the start of the final table action, we already got the first elimination: Michael Watson open-called the 3-bet from Cimbolas with KQ, who was holding AK and had half of the big blind behind. The flop was 5Q9, both players checked, the turn came 2, and Watson bet one big blind to put Cimbolas all-in; he called, and 9 on the river was the nail in the coffin for Cimbolas, who won $483,000 for his ninth place.

Next to go was Nick Petrangelo. Limitless shoved A7 from BTN, and Petrangelo called for eight big blinds in SB with AhTc. The board ran 27K29, Limitless spiked the seven, and Petrangelo was out in eighth place for $661,000.

The hand that was dominating lost again and Jonathan Jaffe was knocked out in seventh place. Koon opened to 2.2 big blinds with 99, Mateos 3-betted to five big blinds with KQ, Jeffe went for almost an all-in, leaving one big blind behind with AQ in SB, Koon folded and Mateos shoved and Jeffe called. The board ran K9J68, and Mateos won, eliminating Jaffe, who won $865,000.

After this elimination, all the remaining players were guaranteed at least one million USD.

Jason Koon went almost all-in, leaving 1.5 big blinds behind with A5 from CO, Limitless shoved in the BB with AJ, and Koon called. The board came 108J43, and Koon was out in sixth place for $1,098,000.

Badziakouski opened A7 for five big blinds, leaving three big blinds behind, and got called by Mateos on the BTN with QQ. The flop came 5K9, Mikita checked, and Mateos bet enough to put him all-in, and Mikita called. Mateos was 82 percent favorite to win the pot; the turn was 10, the river was 4, and Mikita was out in fifth place for $1,405,000.

Mateos opened from CO to two big blinds with K10, and Watson just called in BB with four big blinds behind holding K9. The flop was 4J7, giving Mateos the king-high flush; both players checked. The turn was 9, giving Watson a second pair, but both players checked once again. The river came J. Watson bets a little bit more than a blind, Mateos raises and puts him all-in, but Watson finds the fold.

Watson stayed in the game with a bit more than two big blinds, but only for one more hand because he was all-in from the SB with K7, and Mateos called in BB with J5. The board ran 934JQ, giving Mateos a pair of jacks and eliminating Watson in fourth place for $1,748,000.

With three players remaining, Limitless shoved A3 from the SB, and O’Dwyer called with 94 with his four big blinds. The board ran 8Q8KJ, and ace-high was good for Limitless, knocking out O’Dwyer in third place for $2,157,000.

Limitless Rides Two-Pair to Victory

The heads-up battle lasted for around one and a half hours before Limitless opened-limped with 83 from BTN, and Mateos just checked with 86. The flop was 843, and both players hit. Limitless bet one big blind, and Mateos called. The turn was 7. Limitless bet for 3.5 big blinds, Mateos went all-in, and got snapped called. The river was 10, giving the win to Limitless. Mateos won $3,292,000 for second place. Limitless won $4,789,000, the most significant live MTT cash of his career.

Images courtesy of Triton Poker.

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