Martin Dam Wins $30K PLO to Close Out Montenegro Triton Super High Roller

Champion Martin Dam

Martin Dam closes the Triton Super High Roller Series with his third cash, a win this time. Martin played only three events and cashed in all of them, earning eighth place, eleventh place, and a win for a total of $781,000. Martin is 24th ranked on Denmark’s All-Time Money List with just over one million USD won.

This was Martin’s most significant live MTT score, if we include bounties, and also his first and only live MTT win. His previous best score was second place in €10,000 Pot Limit Omaha – The Big Wrap 10K PLO High Roller event for €290,784.

Martin’s win was in the PLO Bounty Quattro tournament, where he won $250,000 for winning the tournament and $280,000 for the bounties.

Triton Montenegro $30,000 PLO Bounty Quattro Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Martin Dam Denmark $580,000
2 Stephen Chidwick USA $219,000
3 Dylan Linde USA $114,000
4 Ding Biao China $87,000
5 Brian Rast USA $77,000
6 Jason Koon USA $51,000
7 Ronald Keijzer Netherlands $42,000

The Final Table

With 41 entries and a prize pool of $1,230,000 ($440,000 in bounties), we had only seven players at the final table. The final table lineup was: Martin Dam (42 BBs), Brian Rast (34 BBs), Ding Biao (21 BBs), Dylan Linde (21 BBs), Stephen Chidwick (8 BBs), Ronald Keijzer (6 BBs), Jason Koon (6 BBs).

Final Table Players

The first one to leave was Ronald Keijzer when we saw a three-way all-in, with Keijzer and Chidwick at risk of being eliminated by Diao Ding, who was covering them. Keijzer opened to 3.5 big blinds, leaving two big blinds behind with J989, Chidwick jammed on him with AsKs9h2h, and Biao Ding reshoved with A763. The board ran 10J23K, giving Chidwick almost a triple-up. Keijzer was eliminated in seventh place for $42,000.

Jason Koon was next on his way out when he pushed all-in from the BTN with 101064 for three big blinds and got called by Rast with KK52. The board ran 1087K2, and Koon was out in sixth place for $51,000.

Martin Dam opened from the HJ to 3.5 big blinds with K974, and Rast, who was in the BB, just reshoved for an extra half of the blind with QQ64. The board was 42869. The river was deadly for Rast, and he was eliminated in fifth place for $77,000. 

Biao Ding open-limped from SB with AJ104, Marin Bam raised to three big blinds with Q873, and Ding Called. The flop was 9A6, and Ding went all-in with the remaining two big blinds and a top pair. Marin snap-called with an open ender, missing the turn 3, but gets there on the river 10. Ding was out in fourth place for $87,000.

With only three players left in the battle for the title, Linde opened AA52 to 3.5 big blinds with five big blinds behind and got raised by Martin with QJ109, putting him all-in. Linde snap-called, and the board ran 3866Q, giving Marin a flush and knocking out Linde in third place for $114,000.

The Heads-Up

It all went down when Chidwick opened to three big blinds with AQ64, Martin pushed all-in with K10108, and Chidwick called. Marin had 57 percent to win the tournament, and board 109A almost already gave him the win on the flop when he hit the set of tens. The turn was Q, giving Chidwick some hope, but the river was 3, and Martin was the new Champion. Chidwick won $219,000 for his second-place finish.

Images courtesy of Triton Poker.

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