Priamo Carta Wins WPT Prime Sanremo Championship For €124,700

Italy’s Priamo Carta has written his name into the annals of poker history by clinching the title at the WPT Prime Sanremo Championship Event held at Casino Sanremo. After an intense eight-hour final day, Carta cemented his status as a member of the prestigious WPT champion’s club and also taking home €124,700.

The final day of the tournament saw eight hopefuls return, with Romanian Traian Stanciu holding a significant 22 big blind advantage. Carta entered the final table in third place, ready to battle his way to the top. The heads-up duel between Carta and Stanciu was a spectacle of strategic brilliance and resilience, lasting a grueling 60 hands before Carta secured his victory.

WPT Prime Sanremo Championship Final Table Payouts

PlacePlayerCountryPrize (EUR)
1Priamo CartaItaly€124,700*
2Traian StanciuRomania€77,000
3Uladzimir LuchkouBelarus€57,000
4Giuseppe ZarboItaly€43,000
5Luigi PignataroItaly€32,500
6Erico IervasiItaly€24,700
7Kym NguyenFrance€19,000
8Vladas BurneikisLithuania€14,700

*The first place prize includes a seat to the WPT World Championship worth €9,700.

The Journey to Victory

Stanciu appeared poised to dominate, swiftly eliminating Vladas Burneikis and Kym Nguyen, thereby extending his lead. Carta, however, faced early adversity when his turned straight was bested by Erico Iervasi’s rivered full house. Despite this setback, Carta remained undeterred.

Momentum shifted when Giuseppe Zarbo won a critical flip against Stanciu, temporarily halting his surge. Uladzimir Luchkou then eliminated Iervasi and Pignataro, reducing the field to four. Carta’s pivotal double-up against Luchkou’s pocket eights with his own pocket queens marked a turning point, allowing him to seize the chip lead.

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Heads-Up Showdown

The final duel between Carta and Stanciu began with Stanciu holding a slight chip advantage. However, Carta’s strategic acumen quickly turned the tide. Demonstrating his resolve, Carta made a bold check-raise with queen-high early in the match, signaling his intent. Carta’s aggressive play and crucial hands, including a decisive three-bet pot, eventually secured him a commanding 4:1 chip lead.

Traian Stanciu

The end came when Carta’s flopped king bested Stanciu’s ace-high, prompting a heartfelt celebration with a friend and a sportsmanlike embrace with his opponent.

Reflections from the Champion

In an interview with PokerNews, an elated Carta expressed his joy and disbelief at becoming a WPT champion. “First of all, it sounds good! To be a WPT champion, it means a lot,” he said. Reflecting on his poker journey, Carta noted the importance of patience and focus, qualities honed over his life experiences.

Carta also recounted key moments from the tournament, highlighting his critical double-ups and strategic moves. His victory not only raised his previous lifetime earnings of $22,795 but also earned him a coveted seat at the WPT World Championship in Las Vegas this December.

Looking ahead, Carta plans to continue his poker pursuits in Europe, with a return to Sanremo already on his agenda. He praised the professionalism and beauty of WPT events, expressing his enthusiasm for future tournaments.

* Images and results courtesy of PokerNews

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