James Mackey Secures Second WPT Choctaw Championship Victory


James Mackey, a poker player from Kansas City, won his second WPT title, which he already won in 2016. Mackey won the WPT Choctaw for $361,600 after beating the hard final table, making it one of his most significant achievements in poker.

Mackey also said for the media, “Being one of the only people to ever win the same event twice, that’s special. Being one of the only people to ever do it means a lot.”

Mackey has made $4,985,436 by playing live MTTs and is in 217th place in the US All-Time Money List. His biggest live MTT win came in his third ever live cash when he won the WSOP bracelet by winning the $5,000 No Limit Hold’em event for $730,740 in 2007.

WPT Choctaw Final Table Results

 1James MackeyUnited States$361,600
 2Eric AfriatCanada$235,000
 3Adam HendrixUnited States$175,000
 4Sebastien AubeCanada$131,000
 5Danny MarxUnited States$99,000
 6Erick LindgrenUnited States$75,000

The Final Table

There were six players left in the game who earned their spot at the final table, an opportunity to win WPT titles, and $361,600.

The first player to get eliminated was Lindgren as he lost with ace-nine against king-jack of Aube. Lindgren won $75,000 for his sixth- place.

The next one to leave the final table was Marx, who pushed all-in with ten-seven and got called by Aube with king-seven. The flop was lucky for Marx, giving him a ten, but Aube managed to hit the king on the river and send Marx home.

Aube, who was knocking people out, was knocked out himself by Afriat when his ace-queen didn’t survive the all-in against Afriat’s eight-seven. Aube was out in fourth place for $131,000.

Hendrix was next on his way out when he pushed all-in with queen-nine against Mackey, who had ace-five. Mackey hit an ace, and it was game over for Hendrix, who won $175,00 for his third-place finish.

The Heads-Up

The heads-up was over when Mackey got it in badly with his K5 call against Afriat’s shove with KJ. The board came 955J6, giving Afriat only two outs after the turn. The river was 6, and Mackey was the winner of the WPT Choctaw Championship. Afriat won $235,000 for his second-place finish.

Credits for the images to WPT.com

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