Christina Gollins, Known as Baby Shark, Wins Housewarming WSOPC Event for $105,444

Christina got the most significant cash of her career by winning this WSOPC event for $105,444 and the WSOPC ring on top. According to Hendon Mob, her total live MTT earnings are now $828,527. In 2021, Christina won her first WSOPC ring when she came first in the $400 No Limit Hold’em – Double Stack event for $24,955. 

The Event

The buy-in was $600, with 1,483 entries that generated a prize pool of $763,745. The event’s winner was also guaranteed entry into the Tournament of Champions Event scheduled for next week. The event had four starting flights, Day 1A, 1B, 1C, and 1D, and only 92 players qualified for final Day 2.

Entering Day 2, the shortest stack had 95,000 chips, less than 5 big blinds, and the biggest stack was 1,040,000 chips, 52 big blinds. Christina entered Day 2 as the 14th biggest stack with 660,000 chips or 33 big blinds.

The Action

With 24 players left in the game with blinds 30,000/60,000, Christina opened KK to 140,000, and, Bastawros went all-in with 55, Elvis cold 4-bet shoved with AK, Chou wakes up with AK and goes for the call, and Christina calls. Christina was a 58 percent favorite to win the 7.8 millon pot and the tournament chip lead. The board ran out 6104Q4, Kings held and Christina was the new chip leader!

Later on, Christina was at the featured table and had 41 percent of all chips at the table.

Final Table

The final table was created, and there were ten finalists, with Christina being in second position with 6,200,000 chips, only behind Weiqiang Zhao, who had 7,506,000 chips.

The first one eliminated was Paul Chauderson, who ran into KK with his 44, and the board 59108A didn’t help him; he won $7,107 for his tenth-place finish.

James Thoman was eliminated when his 99 didn’t hold against Sun’s AK on J4Q107. Thoman finished in ninth place for $8,921.

Rock was all-in with A10 and got called by Zhao with KJ; unfortunately for her, the board ran out 2Q9K9 giving Zhao a winning hand. Rock was eliminated in eighth place for $11,395.

Zhao went all-in on the flop A68 with 86 against Lardner’s, who opened on CO with AK, hit the top pair and top kicker, and called the all-in. The turn was J, the river was 10, and Lardner was eliminated in seventh place for $14,807.

Phan went all-in with 66 and got called by Zhao with K9; the board ran out KQ3QJ, and Phan was eliminated in sixth place for $19,568.

Sun was eliminated in 5th place when he went all-in with AJ and got called by Zhao with 1010; the board 72946 didn’t give Sun any aces or jacks, and he was out. Sun won $26,293 for his fifth-place finish.

Hung went all-in with KQ and got called by Zhao with A4 and didn’t manage to hit king or queen and was eliminated in fourth place for $35,910.

A crazy hand happened with three players left when Christina opened to 700,000 with AK, Solis 3-betted to 1,700,000 with KK, and Zhao went all-in for 17,000,000 with QQ. Christina was in a hard spot and said, “This is going to be the best fold of my F***king life,” and folded her hand.

Solis snap-called and was in great shape against Zhao’s queens, but the flop came 66Q, leaving Solis with just one out since Christina folded a king. The turn was 2, and the river was 6, and Zhao extended his chip lead sitting on 28 million chips.


Later on, Christina opened to 850,000 with A2, and Zhao called with QJ. The pot was 2,000,000. The flop came 38A, and Christina bet 400,000; Zhao called. The turn comes Q, Zhao checked, Christina continued with the 700,000 bets, and Zhao called again. The river came 9, Zhao went all-in and put Christina in a tough spot with her top pair weak kicker. After some thinking, Christina made a great call and doubled up to 14,000,000, but still behind Zhao, who was on 22,000,000.

The last hand happened when Zhao went all-in for 12,000,000 with A7, and Christina called with A8. Christina was 66 percent favorite, and the board came 35A8J, turn giving her the win.

Final Table Results

1Christina Gollins$105,444
2Weiqiang Zhao$70,272
3John Solis$49,839
4Michael Ung$35,910
5Tong Sun$26,293
6Andy Phan$19,567
7Stephen Lardner$14,807
8Myagmarsuren Rock$11,395
9James Thomas$8,921
10Paul Chauderson$7,107
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